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Activate Your Gifts.

I activate your gifts and show you how to reveal your inner "IT GIRL" to build a brand that's authentically you.

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hey, sister.


I'm a Health Coach, Detox Specialist and former Fitness Model turned Mama on a mission to help you break free of limiting beliefs that put your dreams and desires on hold and I show you how to get the body and biz you want now.
My super power is to help you BREAK FREE from the invisible chains you keep on your body and your potential...unknowingly.
I'm here to activate your gifts and reveal your IT factor, all while building your confidence to take the starring role of your life!  Let's do the damn thing...

Let Me Guess Lady Love, You Stopped by Because You're....

  • DONE hoping the perfect person, food, friendship, career shows up, because you have a strategic plan that you're passionate about.
  • So sick and tired of eating energy zapping foods because you're not fulfilling your purpose, only your belly.
  • Fed up with chasing things that don't fit and feeling like a failure because you couldn't stick to the career, relationship or space that wasn't right for you any way.
  • Ready to release the self doubt that keeps you in the same cycle
  • No longer feeling lost - you know that today is just the beginning.
  • Never tuning out your intuition, you know that if you're following someone else's suggestion for your life, it's temporary.

Don't worry boo thang, I got you.

My name is J Muenz, I'm a Health Coach, Detox Specialist and Hypnotherapist turned Gift Activator to help you break free of the limiting beliefs that are putting your biz goals and health desires on hold to show you how to get the body and biz you want now. We focus on 3 key areas to create lasting change from the inside out...

Head: We clear the beliefs that are keeping the layer of protection (stress, overwhelm and fear) from your cells

Heart: We pump life into your soul so you can create the change from the inside out

Soul + Sisterhood: Join a community of women to empower each other to take a stand for the peaceful and joyful biz and lifestyle they deserve.

This system WORKS...but I know you've tried everything and it almost seems impossible that you can really step into the life you've dreamed.

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I believe that owning your story can be the best catapult to a life that is abundant in all ways!

“Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act big to build the life you desire.”

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