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Activate Your Gifts.

I activate your gifts and show you how to reveal your inner "IT GIRL" to build a brand that's authentically you.

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I'm a multiple six figure Gift Activation Coach for spiritual bad ass entrepreneurial women who want to receive rapid levels of cash flow.

I know you're a go getter who's ready for an immediate up-level. You believe that the inner work is what unlocks the external results. You're already successful, that's not your problem...

Let Me Guess Sacred Soul, You're Looking For....

  • the way to hold your energy and your wealth so you don't continually feel drained
  • how to tap back into the fun loving girl before (who was inspired to start your business)
  • a way to fully trust your gifts and play to your strengths
  • to master a mindset that money comes to you easily

Don't worry boo thang, I got you.

In 5 short years I’ve... more than quadrupled my salary, been on TV twice, had radio interviews, spoken about gift activations on podcasts, started a podcast called In My Sweats, led 8 sold-out retreats, successfully launched my Mastermind.

I’m also a Certified Happiness Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Detox Specialist and creator of sold-out mastermind and retreats.

J Muenz

Head: We clear the beliefs that are keeping the layer of protection (stress, overwhelm and fear) from your cells

Heart: We pump life into your soul so you can create the change from the inside out

Soul + Sisterhood: Join a community of women to empower each other to take a stand for the peaceful and joyful biz and lifestyle they deserve.

This system WORKS...but I know you've tried everything and it almost seems impossible that you can really step into the life you've dreamed.

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I believe that owning your story can be the best catapult to a life that is abundant in all ways!

“Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act big to build the life you desire.”

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