Body, Please Keep Going!

I wake up some days saying aloud, “I can do this.  Body, please continue to work for me.”  A physical career is what some of my clients dream of, but don’t exactly know how demanding it is. 4 years ago, I looked at my yoga teachers and thought, “Man, I wish I had that life.”  Crazy to think that now I do.

I love my life + job, don’t get me wrong.  But I have to take care of my body, nutrition & energy more than ever, because if I get sick, there is no other J Mauss to push you through your vinyasa or make you laugh when I say a dumb joke.

I’m sure all my fitness teacher friends agree, these are what the days look like:


  • Health Coaching Sessions – 2 clients today.  Each 1 hour long.  Each wonderful + open + willing to change.  Spend 1-2 hours writing + sending individual session notes with meal plans, exercise routines and lifestyle tips.
  • Marketing Event – Gotta pay the bills.
  • Create music playlists for 7 classes.
  • Workout.


  • Teach 2-3 yoga + barre classes.
  • Take a barre class.
  • Go golfing.
  • Private client 40 minute core strengthening session.
  • Respond to emails, create meal plans + write.
  • Check in with clients on monthly program.


  • Teach 2 yoga classes.
  • 3 Health Coaching Sessions.  Create session notes, switch up weekly goals + write new meal plans.
  • 1 hour-long exercise session with private client.
  • Meet with another private client for part II of full body strengthening.
  • Respond to client emails.


  • Teach 3 classes yoga + barre.  Prepare for next weeks classes by creating playlist + new transitions.
  • Grocery shop.
  • Respond to client emails.


  • Marketing/Promotional event.
  • Go for a long nature walk.
  • Write.
  • Fitness photo shoot.
  • Respond to client emails.


  • Training for newest certification.
  • Read NASM book for certification.
  • Go to yoga.
  • Respond to client emails.


  • Promotional event.
  • Respond to client emails.
  • Prepare for week ahead by making sure nutrition is up to par.
My guy, competing at Tough Mudder.  Side Job: Cheerleader.
My guy, competing at Tough Mudder.  Side Job: Cheerleader.

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