I created these classes to be fun + sweaty and called upon my fit n’ fabulous lady, Miss Ginger Saunders.  We bring you a class filled with women + play hip hop n’ rnb tunes to jazz you up @6AM.  I play hip hop for my 30 minutes of teaching and the last 15 minutes rnb takes us home  with Ginger’s abs, stretching + sweet, gentle touches.

I was looking for a class that was girls only, fun + played good music, but I couldn’t find anything.  So I rented out Queen Anne Christian Church for Monday mornings and here we are.

Some class plans are written out and some are not.  I go with a couple basic warm up moves to observe everyone’s fitness levels.  From there, we go on a whirlwind of cardio moves that are low impact and easily modified.  Some days we do a tabata style workout and other days are longer plank holds, forward + backward lunges, jumping jacks.  There were a few Mondays where we used the chairs and got real crazy!  Either way, we are laughing, talking + truly happy to see one another.

In the Springtime, there will be more classes and they will be outside.  You can expect the same intensity, but with all that fresh air, there will be more reasons to celebrate at Fit Girl.

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  1. This year, I ve attracted high powered career women or burned out Mom s who are barely hanging on by a thread. Which is kind of a blend of me. CEO of Fearful to Fit and Mom who wishes all the organic food came already made into perfect meals, the laundry to finish itself and someone to whisk me to work out classes instead of counting down until I m going to put my sneakers on.


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