OH MY GAWD!! There have been endless days and nights where motivation and inspiration feel miles away.  Do you know what I do?

I take a walk.  I take a walk outside.

I get deep breaths and fill my lungs with fresh air.  I exhale stale shit that no longer belongs in my body.  I exhale until my belly button is pressed toward my spine.  When I inhale I imagine my chest expanding away from my body.

I walk for at least 35 minutes.  I feel like you get into a groove around 10-15 minutes that can take you into an hour-long stride.  I call friends when I’m walking.  I call my Mama.  I listen to hardcore hip hop. I listen to inspirational happy music. I listen to fast paced music when I want to get sweaty.

After I walk I come home and shower.  There’s something about water leaving your body and hitting your body.

It’s a cleansing ritual.  It feels good.  Do more of what feels good.

After a long hot shower, where I use my loofah to slough off dead skin, I make a smoothie.

The smoothies I want after my walk/shower ritual require greens.  I know that greens are key to vitality and beauty.

I know that if I include spinach, kale and blueberries, I’m getting a world of nutrition and because I’m the lazy cook, nutrition obsessed health coach, a smoothie is the perfect choice post walk.

When you picture low energy, what do you see?

I picture people who eat like crap.  People who eat tan food.  Crackers, chips, bread, pasta, donuts, cookies, daily sandwiches, ice cream, cheese, etc.

Some of my clients talk about having low energy and no motivation to do anything.  They often bring bagels, croissants or crackers to our 1 on 1 sessions.  Now I understand if you are eating gluten free crackers when you have digestion issues.  Nothing sounds good.  You crave bland.  But what you really need is nourishing, wholesome soups and digestive support.

We all lose our motivation to work out and eat right, but if you give in every single time, every day is wasted.  We wake up with 24 fresh hours to begin again.  I love my job because I get to witness transformation, “aha” moments and tears after deep realizations.

We are in this together.



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