Have a sugar binge and need a quick fix to tame the beast?

You have free access to this free 10 page guide that will take you through the three step process you need to get back on track after a sugar binge.

This guide isn’t a “do this and get rid of the cravings.”  Well part of it is, but we are digging deeper.  Get out a pen before you download and print.  If you don’t print, then open a separate word document or get out a journal, write out the questions and answer honestly.  Reading is part of the solution. Writing is another part and doing is the final step.  #practicewhatyoupreach

I wrote this for the “gal on the go” who doesn’t have every superfood in her cupboard.  I created this for the girl who spends the majority of the day in the car/office and already stops at grocery stores for quick and healthy pick me ups.

What happens when your blood sugar dips? Either you A. give into sugar cravings and grab a sweet treat.  Or B. you try to keep everything stable by stopping at a salad bar/smoothie joint/grabbing a nutrition bar that isn’t Clif or Luna.

I’m giving you an example day of how to keep your blood sugar stable that can be repeated day to day.

This 10 page freebie can be downloaded now until December 1st, then it’s BYE BYE BYE!


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