I can’t even explain how quickly women get results from these 30-minute sessions!

we start with a gentle activation and then we move...


✨Money blocks

✨Energy leaks

✨Clarity and visioning

✨Channeling copy

✨Unlocking your voice

✨Creating irresistible offers

✨Multiplying your money

✨Clearing chronic pain

 My intuitive gifts are next level.

 So, Now is your chance to grab one before they sell out AGAIN!

All sessions are 30 minutes long.

In the near future, session pricing is going to be raising - and eventually, no longer available.... if you have been feeling the call to book one, now is your chance.

We can tap into business, the future, energy, and so much more.

I channel copy, see into your wounds, and do things that very often blow people’s minds! 

If you’re wanting guidance, I’m your go to business intuitive who specializes in copy, marketing, and making business feel joyful again.

I also can tap into your mind, relationships, and just about anything you want. So come open.

I don’t choose what comes through.

My 1:1 sessions are ACTION INDUCING.

 I have had the honor of doing thousands of sessions with women to tap into their businesses and their full potential as an entrepreneur.

These sessions have made people tens of thousands of dollars….in just 30 minutes.

Here's what to expect!

We start with a question that breaks everything open.

We find where you're stuck.

Then I use mind reprogramming to open the channel.

I’ve helped women name, price, and channel programs. I open multiple ways for you to receive in less than 30 minutes. 

I'll say something that'll make you laugh because of how spot on it is.

I can ask questions that bypass logic and go straight to the heart.

I'm not hiding in the shadows anymore, my gifts are out.

I am direct. Loving and see you at the highest level.

I'm trained. I'm certified. I trust myself.

We go DEEP in our 30 minutes. 

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"J, you just said what my late brother always used to say to me."

Are you ready to step into your next level of receiving and clarity NOW?!


Your business can make infinite amounts of money.

You can finally watch as your bank goes into overflow.

The only question is, will you let it flow in?

These WILL sell out, and once all of the times are taken, the sessions will be closed. 

I can’t wait to create action together.

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With your guide

Meet J

J Muenz is a well-known spiritual biz intuitive + gift activation coach to entrepreneurs, wellness providers and energy healers worldwide. She's worked with thousands of women from more than 13+ countries and has led 17 sold-out retreats.

In September 2024, an intimate group of women will embark on a priestess retreat in Mykonos, Greece to activate their Wild Woman energy. Only a couple private rooms left!

J is obsessed with helping healers get wealthy.