Hi, I'm J

hey soul sis,


I help women activate their IT Factor and F - A - S - T! Once I realized that getting in to "go mode" was MY gift, I started using it...

In living from that place, I've doubled my income three years and counting.

Listen here sista, you can change your niche, you can be the top dog in more than one field. Your biz grows WITH you... but it can't grow if you're stuck in a scarce mindset.

Your biz cannot grow if you don't invest, I've learned it firsthand. I thought that because I had a bazillion certifications that people should flock to me... what I didn't know was that 80% of running a biz was mastering the mind.

This doesn't mean that limiting beliefs don't exist, it means that limiting beliefs don't stick around. They don't keep me trapped in WANTING a biz (I've had a successful one for 8+ years)... I can quickly identify them for what they are and keep pushing forward.

I teach the same thing to the women I work with, whether they have big money dreams for their biz or they have inconsistent months of YAY and NOOO and they need to stay in the consistent belief that they can have what they want.

I teach them how to step into universal energy so they can have what they want without burning out... again.

Because the worst thing that can happen is reaching a pinnacle level of success and not being able to enjoy it because you created an auto immune and your energy is zapped.

I draw on my certifications to make my Activate Your Gifts Mastermind a one-stop shop. You aren't just getting mindset, high-level touch and activations one on top of the other, you're also integrating high-energy, high-vibe foods into your daily regimen, so you can have energy in your physical body too.

Consistency equals what? Success.


To Your Activation,

J Muenz

Gift Activator, Fearful to Fit




I work with women like you, who:

  • Has always known she has the “it” factor, but hasn’t been sure how to bring this magical Sasha Fierce to surface
  • Has the BEST idea ever, but is freaked the hell out when she thinks about actually doing it and directing her 100% focus to it
  • Wants success unbelievably, but for some reason hasn’t been able to make it happen and knows that if she continues to try on her own, she’ll be in the same place 5 years from now
  • Doesn’t want any limiting belief to derail her progress
  • Understands this isn’t going to be an easy journey and it’s going to be filled with challenges, but she wants IN and NOW!

You're here on purpose, for a big freakin' reason, so own your IT Factor and apply for your decision making call (like yesterday)...



Credential / Certification Year
Detox Specialist May 2017
Happiness Life Coach Certification 2019
Women's Fitness Specialist 2016
E-RYT (yoga teacher) via Yoga Alliance 2011-now
Reiki Practitioner Level 1 + 2 2015
Strala Yoga Teacher 2015
Certified Booty Barre Instructor 2014
Writer for "Yoga & Your Body" on doyouyoga.com 2014
Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2013
Member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners 2013
Certified TESL Teacher in Thailand 2009
Bachelor of Arts Communication, W.S.U. 2007
A.A. Communication, Bellevue College 2005

Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me:

"I'm worthy of everything I desire."