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OCT 16 - 18, 2020



Hey Sista,

Imagine stepping into an inviting circle of women who are leaving the boys and babies at home to let go of obligation's and say hell yes to honing in on what makes YOU unique and how to build your desired life/biz around it.

In the midst of this ultimate girl power weekend, you're releasing years of pent up confusion that keep you from experiencing all of your inner needs ---HELLO, did you forget about the girl who loved to live her life without a plan, without responsibilities, without keeping track of EVERY. SINGLE. THING. on the to do list?

I'm talkin' to you cross - off queen! Can you chill for one sec? I promise you can accomplish your goals in a relaxed, clear-headed space.

The Activate Your Gifts Retreat includes everything you're craving for figuring out your life's purpose and how to maximize it to the highest extent. You'll witness your mind and body transforming from tense and stiff to clear and fulfilled in less than three days. It's called soul food, sista.

What's possible?

  • YOU walking away remembering how good it feels to be a confident woman (without all the tasks of taking care of other people and running around like a nut).
  • YOU having fabulous new friendships with like-minded women who are ready to go after their hidden desires (the ones they thought weren't possible).
  • YOU feeling totally free while enjoying everything you've learned about your passions, goals and talents.
  • YOU having had the best weekend remembering what life is all about - connection and the ability to be who you are without all the titles.
  • YOU with total renewal so you can rest easy and know that a replenished you is the best you.
  • YOU knowing your body is your best tool, for moving around stuck energy for the most rockin' version of you - inside and out.


We chose this stunning lake view home in Kirkland because of the master suites and scenic water view. Our residence is 4,400 square feet. Immerse yourself in the surrounding beauty or have a seat on our private deck curled up with a blanket - hello, luxury and thrill, I remember you. 

Nestled in the sweeping lake views, you’ll find the quiet inspiration to craft your greatest vision and your most magnificent plan for your business this coming year. You’ll inhale the fresh crisp air…renewing your spirit, and breathing new life into your business again.


Just 20 minutes from Seattle, WA, this is a short trip to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Kirkland is the perfect distance from home. Plus, check in is on Friday at 4:30pm - to get the party started early!



My healing chef and I will be spoiling you with my most coveted skin glowing recipes. You’ll be enjoying the most popular, carefully and lovingly prepared plant based deliciousness. 

We'll be taking care of all your cravings with a steady flow of freshly made juices! Say goodbye to waking up puffy and hello to "this is the first time my stomach's been flat in years..."

When you arrive on Friday early evening, you’ll be greeted by the most mouth watering appetizers and your VIP gift bag filled with so many oooo's and ahhhh's.

Then we’ll unwind with an evening movement class that'll leave you feeling ready for ALL THE THINGS. Afterwards, we’ll dine together and get down to business. We work fast in these retreats. Enjoy an uninterrupted night of sleep (I know, hard to believe) or stay up late immersed in your surroundings.

Wake to your feel good juice, sweat it out in a heart-pumping work out and talk it up with your new lady friends over breakfast.

Take a walk outside and explore the beauty around you. Don’t wander too far or else you’ll miss the Blaze Your Biz Workshop taught by self-made millionaire special guest. This experience will zen you out, just when you thought it couldn't get any better.

The day will continue with "can I have seconds" food, soul filling exercises and shake what your Mama gave you sweat-filled classes (you'll be wide eyed when you see what else I have planned for you).


During this 3-Day Retreat...

I'm bringing in a well-known self-made millionaire who teaches women how to charge their worth! Talk about powerful feminine energy...

When you wake up replenished on Sunday, you'll be ready to say the final goodbyes to all your self made stress and step into the real version of you - she's a smooth operator, making smart moves, fully knowing her dreams will happen.


This retreat is going to LIVEN up your life, your purpose and your gifts. You're going to liberate yourself from invisible chains - and fully own the woman you see in the mirror!

You're going to see what you need to fill your tank and how to get it on a daily basis - and actually follow through, because you'll have simple action steps that are doable and manageable.

You're going to make plans to start using the gifts you were born with the moment we laser in on what those gifts are and how to amplify them!

You'll know how to access the firey girl within when stress has hits an all time high.


  • DONE just wishing for meaningful connection and purpose and ready to make some moves.
  • So tired of hearing their own B.S. and ready to turn that stress into momentum for getting into action!
  • Determined to have a life they want around their biz and gifts and nothing will stop them once they step into their potential!
  • Committed to using the gifts they were given and developing the confidence to fully own their brand.
  • They know that in order to get the life desired, they have to put out their real vibe, their most authentic self, (not the one they think they should have). The awesome, wonderful, beautiful, goofy, weird, intelligent woman that they are - that's the girl that's ready to show up.



  • Enjoy restful, rejuvenating sleep over 2 nights and 3 days of luxury accommodation, where your every need is taken care of so that you can truly relax and restore your juice for life ready to return home full of energy and ready for action.
  • Holistic cuisine, detoxifying meals, freshly made juices and energizing snacks (gluten, dairy, nut, and soy free | plant - based | mouth watering)
  • Gift activating, manifesting workshops for the woman who's ready to rock her existing or new biz
  • Daily barre + yoga that'll leave you sweaty, strong and focused to absorb all the golden nuggets of wisdom comin' your way
  • Time to explore the beautiful city of Kirkland or connect w/your new biz besties
  • Highly sought after Guest Speaker who is a master of her craft

What's Not Included?

  • Transportation
  • Gratuity
  • Alcohol
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Meet Your Gift Activator!


J Muenz is the Founder + CEO of Fearful to Fit and Activate Your Gifts.

She's also Seattle's top Detox Specialist, a Certified Hypnotherapist and Health Coach for Women.

J Muenz teaches women how to step into their life purpose by deeply activating their existing

She's a 6-time sold out wellness retreat leader, created the popular podcast, "In My Sweats" on I-Tunes and repeatedly shows up on your TV screen, the radio and podcasts.

J's super power is taking what you're so naturally good at and amplifying your gifts so you can have the body, career and confidence to walk into any room like you own it!

Meet your Guest Speaker!


Jessica Riverson is known in the online coaching industry as the founder of the international coaching brand Permission to Charge® where she and her team help female experts and coaches to confidently price, package and sell their expertise from 10K to 100K using leveraged, scalable business models.  In less than 5 years she’s scaled up her 1:1 coaching practice to a leveraged model, retired her husband to work in the business, built a team and created the Permission to Charge® Academy, The Expansion Mastermind and a host of other programs serving women in coaching. But she quickly outgrew this description and now is better known among her premiere clients as a conduit for allowing them to open their channel to serve and receive at their highest level.  She teaches them to step into what she calls their “Feminine CEO” and create highly successful businesses on their own terms.  And while she shows her clients how to create unthinkable amounts of money each month, what she truly does is enable them to access a space of infinite possibility within themselves—where there’s no excuses, no apologies and no shrinking to fit other’s ideals.  In this space is where women fully give themselves permission to charge and permission to receive—BIG.

Dear Soul Sister,

If you've been waiting for a message from the universe, this is it! You are here to release any tension you hold in your body. You are here to let your bright light shine! On my retreats, I've watched women go from timid, shy and overworked and happy, carefree and uplifted by the time they drive away. I want that for you. I want you to feel like the powerful, strong and feminine woman you are, not the woman society wants you to be. Find your inner wisdom, connect to your intuition and witness the magic of sisterhood.

I am in your corner. I am rooting for you. Do not spend one more minute thinking you are not worth it.

Sisterly Love,



J Muenz
CEO + Founder Fearful to Fit + Activate Your Gifts

a peek of where you'll be staying...


King Suite Bedroom (SOLD OUT!)

Queen Suite Bedroom (SOLD OUT!)

Twin Bed in Shared Room (SOLD OUT!)

most frequently asked questions:

  • If I have a food allergy, can you accommodate me?
    • YES! We accommodate EVERY type of food allergy and we've had them all...unless you say you're allergic to salt, then you're not allowed to come.


  • Is it weird if I'm coming alone?
    • Not at all, most women come alone and leave with a new bond.


  • Can I share a queen suite with my bestie/sister?
    • Hell yes sister - easy payment plan for both of you.


  • Are we aloud to bring wine or other alcohol?
    • We ask you to kindly refrain. 


  • Is it cool if I skip a workout to sleep or read?
    • This is your weekend - YOU DECIDE what you need, so if you want to skip a workout, DO IT. Rest.


  • I have really bad anxiety and feel scared in social situations, will I be totally out of place?
    • We usually attract women with high anxiety who want to enjoy life, but are totally freaked out by not knowing a soul. You'll be right at home. 😉


  • Are there refunds?
    • No, there are limited spots - no refunds! If you can't make it - you must find your own replacement.


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