Imagine EXPANDING your audience using your empowered voice in just 4 days from receiving a blend of vocal attunements and energetic shifts...

Hi Soulful CEO,

You already know how much of a bad ass you are... but do your clients? How about the person who just asked, "what do you do?" Are you living from an authentic vibration or a watered down version of it...

You're already coloring outside the lines in an industry that's been led by the masculine for decades. Imagine bringing your healed voice into the marketplace for natural magnetism and attraction. Imagine the wealth, the opportunities and the healed relationships that are possible by using the power of your voice.


Here's what's goin' down:

  • YOU speaking your truth in a fully channeled way and refusing to filter
  • YOU activating the raw and real in your messaging to attract a whole new caliber of women to your offers (the ones you wanted in the first place!)
  • YOU accessing gut instinct instead of external validation when making a next step in the direction of your desires
  • YOU collaborating with fellow retreaters on projects that light you up
  • YOU activating the million dollar idea inside that you were saving for "some day."
  • YOU deciding how your business will be structured instead of looking to the "experts."


Senses will dance. Taste buds will tingle. Souls will ignite. A more transformative getaway is waiting for you just outside of Palm Springs at Miramonte Resort & Spa in Indian Wells. Channel your inner glow with an invigorating treatment at the award-winning The WELL® Spa (a day pass is included!) Once the sun sets, mingle by the fire pits on the olive grove patio while you enjoy Mediterranean dishes.



Thursday, October 5th....
Arrive Thursday early evening, get settled in your room, then come on down to a welcome ceremony where healthy nourishing appetizers will be served.

You'll get to meet your retreat leader, guest experts and incredible women who become your soul sisters throughout the weekend.

We'll have a surprise activity to unwind from your traveling... you'll leave our first event feeling rejuvenated, open and ready to receive...

Friday, October 6th
We'll begin the day slow with yoga and a light breakfast. We'll go into sessions where you'll learn how to activate your voice, your audience and your message.

Saturday, October 7th
Come prepared to be amazed at what comes through your voice as you clear vocal blocks that repel your ideal clients and activate the certainty of the deep well within to speak from a place of authority and knowingness.

Sunday, October 8th
We'll end with a vocal activation ceremony that will embed new codes into your cellular memory so you'll leave this retreat knowing exactly what your soul purpose is, how to share it powerfully and how to monetize your gifts.

As a bonus on Days 3 and 4, you'll have the opportunity to use your spa pass...enjoy the steam room, eucalyptus showers, waterfall pool and massage chairs as you gaze at the surroundings that make you feel like you're in Italy.




After 4 days of total activation, identity work and vocal attunement, you'll leave knowing exactly how to magnetically share your life purpose with energy... to the world.


  • Fed up with knowing they have a big message and not being able to share it
  • Ready to face their vocal blocks and finally hear their powerful voice
  • Done making excuses why they're not sharing their message on a bigger stage
  • Typically extroverted introverts who know deep inside that they have always had the dreams of going big, but they just don't know how (yet...)
  • You also know that in order to get the life you desire, you have to put out your real vibe. Not the one you think you should have, but the real you. The awesome, wonderful, beautiful, goofy, weird, intelligent woman that you are - that's the CEO that's ready to show up.


  • 4 days + 3 nights luxurious accommodations at the resort and spa in Indian Wells
  • Protein-rich energy activating foods created by our chef
  • 4 days of vocal activation, soul purpose and stage presence workshops
  • Body awareness exercises to loosen up the nerves
  • Highly sought after Guest Speakers


  • One-Day Spa Pass to explore the steam, sauna and waterfall pool
  • 3 pools to lounge at and have high-level convo's with fellow entrepreneurs
  • 4 group coaching calls post retreat (via zoom)
  • Private voxer group for 30 days post retreat

What's Not Included?

  • Transportation to and from airport
  • Flights
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance
  • Alcohol (our retreats our sober)

I started out as a health coach in 2012 and realized after 7 years of full-time coaching underneath the guise of weight loss, that I'd been helping women activate their gifts and discover their soul purpose.

After successfully leading nearly 15 sold out retreats, 3 filled masterminds and multiple 6 figure launches, I realized I'd been teaching and leading women into wealth manifestation, vocal activation and healing the unconscious.

I've watched women transform from sidelines to center stage, from a couple thousand dollars a month to 7 figures. Personally, I built this biz while struggling with mold toxicity and found a deeper layer of self trust that only this health crisis could've gifted me.

So... I'm taking my gifts and my knowledge to the stage, leading retreats and spiritual entrepreneurs into energy and wealth expansion through ceremony and activation.

J Muenz is certified in Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Regenerative Detoxification + Rapid Resolution.


Dear Soul Sister,

If you've been waiting for a message from the universe, this is it! You're voice is meant to be heard... despite what others might've told you (even if it's the itty bitty shitty committee on your shoulder filling you up with doubt).

You've got a big mission and no matter how long you've been at this, there's usually one shift required that takes you to the next level. Don't miss out or feel like you know enough or have experienced so much already. Come at whatever level of success you're at and prepare to be WOWED.

Early Enrollment before March 5th

$3,997 PIF ($500 savings!) or 3 x $1,500

or extended payment plan is 6 payments of $750

Regular Enrollment after March 5th

$4,997 PIF ($500 savings!) or 3 x $1,833

or extended payment plan is 6 payments of $917

PLEASE NOTE: All sales final.

most frequently asked questions:

  • Can I share with a friend?
    • YES! It's $2,997 PIF or 3 payments of $1,166 or 6 payments of $588, here's the link for shared room registration
  • If I have a food allergy, can you accommodate me?
    • YES! We accommodate EVERY type of food allergy and we've had them all...unless you say you're allergic to salt, then you're not allowed to come.
  • Can I bring a bottle of wine?
    • No. There is no alcohol permitted at this retreat. Feel free to stop by a winery on your way home!
  • Is it weird if I'm coming alone?
    • Not at all, the last retreat we had, EVERY SINGLE WOMAN booked BY HERSELF. That's the kind of courageous women we have on these retreats.
  • Is it cool if I skip a workshop to sleep or read?
    • This is your weekend - YOU DECIDE what you need, so if you want to skip a workshop, rest.
  • I have really bad anxiety and feel scared in social situations, will I be totally out of place?
    • We usually attract women with high anxiety who want to enjoy life, but are totally freaked out by not knowing a soul. You'll be right at home. 😉
  • I can't make this retreat, will you have another one this year?
    • No, just one for 2023. 🙂
  • Are there refunds?
    • No, there are limited spots - no refunds! If you can't make it - you must find your own replacement.

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