How Cassie went from having an unbalanced lifestyle that was costing her health to healing her body…

Meet Cassie:  In this week’s How SHE did it interview, we have Cassie Sells, a hard-working, creative entrepreneurial boss and mother of two toddlers, who went from having a poor immune system and frantic energy to growing her intuitive abilities.

Cassie used the Deep Activation and Activate Your Gifts 90-Day private coaching program to arrive at her peaceful warrior woman energy state.

So How Did SHE Do It?

The Challenge:

Cassie got sick a lot, when someone else was sick, she not only caught their cold, her recovery time took three times longer. She was sick and tired of feeling rundown because she has big dreams and goals to achieve!

The Solution:  

“I just trusted J and let her unpack things with me guide and help heal me. Healing conversations and healing body work.”

We did a lot of guided meditations, energy clearings and journaling exercises to lift off and heal wounds from the past.

The Results:  

“My clarity, sense of self, intuition, joy, relationships enhancing and my physical body health.

Lots of breakthroughs! Tons of emotional and energetic work. Huge health breakthroughs. Huge moments of knowing myself and letting go of what was expected of me but is not me.

I learned about energetic projection, growing my intuitive abilities and my leadership voice.”

HER future:

As a Deep Activation + Activate Your Gifts private coaching Graduate, her goal is to: continue energy work knowledge and meditation. Cassie wants to continue leaning into what makes her truly a PEACEFUL WISE and quirky warrior woman. AND to keep digging deep into her calling.


it only took 8 years to see how lucky I was

Last night I shared with our almost 1,000 member private facebook group about the challenges of opening up my heart fully to my husband… even after we were married!

This may not come as a shock to you, especially if you know where I’m coming from, but after a devastating break-up I met my husband.

I was 8 months fresh from an 8-year on and off relationship that started in high school and continued until after college, to my mid-twenties.

When I met my husband I had healed my heart, but didn’t know that my heart wasn’t open to new love, not on a soul-level yet.

With me (and guessing with some of you) it takes time to build trust and after nearly a decade, we’ve built a solid foundation.

That’s not to say that things can’t happen, I have no blinders.

But I will say that opening myself up to this level of love for my husband has opened pathways to receiving love from clients, friends and family members.

I used to be squeamish when people said nice things, but I’ve learned the power of receiving and the beautiful cycle of giving and receiving when it comes to energy and frequency.

It’s the reason why I created the Ascend to a Higher Frequency, 21-Day Training for Empathic Women to Elevate their Vibration, Connect to their Spiritual Gifts and Upgrade their Energy.

This isn’t something you can wait on… we need each other right now, that’s why you’re reading this at this exact moment. We’ll be waiting for you here.
 To Your Gifts,



 by J Muenz

Meet Paula:  In this week’s How SHE did it interview, we have Paula Cole, a working woman and mother of two girls, who went from scattered and anxious to trusting herself.

Paula used the Deep Activation program to not only activate her gifts, she also upgraded to 90 days of private coaching after one session together, because she decided to prioritize herself and her needs to be a positive role model for her daughters.

So How Did SHE Do It?

The Challenge:

“I think being honest with how I was feeling, being honest with myself about my food habits, which turned into me unraveling all these layers of myself that I didn’t like.”

The Solution:  

“I started writing things down that I wanted for myself and my family. but for me first. How I wanted my days to go. My biggest breakthrough was that I didn’t need to do extreme things to lose weight. I could choose what i wanted to eat, when I wanted to eat. and it would all be OKAY. I could have a cheeseburger and fries, i just couldn’t live in the guilt of my cheeseburger and fries. I realized I could move on from things easier once I accepted who I was.

We created a solution for Paula by eliminating thoughts that weren’t serving her highest purpose. We got to the root of what she REALLY wanted, rather than feeling like she had to answer like she was “supposed to.” Paula has a heart-centered, sacred mission and we created a vision for her, to follow in the footsteps of her courageous, warrior women family members.

The Results:  

“Trusting myself, not only with food decisions, but work decisions, asking questions, taking up space, raising hell. Using my voice. I did those things before but I would always back track with an “I’m sorry for asking… I’m sorry if I seemed to be angry…” Now, I own my decisions. I drink water before coffee. I sleep better. I have lost weight that I never thought I would lose without whole 30, or keto, or anything restrictive. Learning how to eat has been literally the greatest gift. Feeling good mentally and physically is what is important.”

HER future:

As a Deep Activation + Fearful to Fit Graduate, her goal is to keep herself accountable, continue journaling and trusting herself. Seeing herself how she wants others to see her and to keep it GOING.


It’s time to Activate Your Gifts + Experience your Own Fearful to Fit Transformation!

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