5 Ways to Lose Weight the Snail Way

If you’ve ever tried a diet, you know that quick n’ easy ways don’t work.  I COMPLETELY understand the dieting mentality.  2 weeks and 20 pounds gone!?  Hell ya, sign me up!  2 weeks pass, you lose 20 pounds and reward yourself with ice cream, only to step on the scale and realize you’ve already gained 5 back.  It’s a roller coaster I no longer ride.

Weight Watchers my junior year of high school is where it started for me.  The weigh ins, the points, calorie counting and group talk was enough for me to develop an unhealthy relationship with food.  I felt like if I didn’t stay within the point system and lose the weight, I was a failure…and that was at 17 years old!  I maybe had 5 pounds to lose, but I became obsessed with the scale!  Eventually I cut ties with the program and lost and gained 10/15 pounds for the next 10 years.

Until I found a meal plan that worked for me.  It’s called the 80/20 rule.  80% of the time, you eat clean and 20% of the time you give in to the foods you know won’t make you feel good, but make you feel human.

Eating clean is the easiest meal plan I’ve ever followed.  It’s not a quick fix/diet, it’s an energizing, eating for nourishment and fuel way of life!  But we all know it isn’t about the food.  It’s about your life in balance.  Think about when you’re tired, all of a sudden carbs + sugar is what you’re reaching for, or when you’re sad, “HELLO CHOCOLATE!”

If you’re trying to lose weight, adopt this motto, “slow n’ steady wins the race.”

  1. Drink water.  I can’t stress this one enough.  If you are trying to lose weight, aim for the 120 ounces of water.  Even mild dehydration can alter our body’s metabolism.
  2. Eat breakfast.  This one should excite you because you get to eat right when you wake up!  If you’re bored with your breakfast, SWITCH IT UP!  Eating within the first 20 minutes of waking up gives your metabolism a jump start!
  3. Learn to cook simple + balanced meals.  You know what you’re eating when you cook on your own.  Roasting and baking are excellent options to boost flavor and cut calories.  Example of a balanced breakfast: 2 eggs + 1 egg white with spinach, avocado + 1 piece of gluten free toast.  MMMmmmmmm!!
  4. Sleep.  7 hours is the goal, some need more/less.  Lack of sleep disrupts circadian rhythms and can lead to inefficient body regulation of energy balance, metabolism and appetite.  The hormones that tell your body “I’m full, stop eating” can go awry with too little sleep.
  5. Eat frequently.  Every 3 hours or so, test it out, see what works best for you.  I wouldn’t go more than 4 hours, but that’s just me and I get REAL “hangry.” (ask my boyfriend)  Feeding your body on a regular basis lets it know food is available and it’s okay to burn energy rather than conserve and store it as fat.

Talkin’ with Yoga Light JL Chiemingo

This 43 year old, 13 year teaching yoga light and I crossed paths in 2010 when I started going to hauteyoga Queen Anne.  She, along with a few special teachers, got my attention.

When you walk into this space in Upper Queen Anne, you are greeted by a radiant gal, ready to check you in. When JL teaches she is right there at the front door with her beautiful, glowing smile.  If you connect with her, expect a warm embrace.

I had a chance to sit down with this talented + experienced yoga friend and was amazed at her skilled preparation for weekly classes.  Long story short, here she goes!

Muah: “So miss JL, take me through a week in your life, as you get ready to prep for teaching.”

JL: “Get ready, so on Sundays I do all my class planning, Tuesdays I create music playlists and from there on I focus on a peak pose per class.  Everything else comes later.  For example, if I choose Garudasasa.

Muah: “….uhh…Eagle Pose?”

JL: EXACTLY!  See you knew it!  So if I choose eagle pose, I think about what poses I need to include to warm up the body.  I choose a day for hip openers, hearts openers, etc.

Muah: Staring into her eyes in awe.  She’s kind of incredible and she cares about her classes & students, truly cares.  It’s impossible not to be moved by her sensitive and loving heart.  And she keeps it real.  She’s not going to preach something she doesn’t practice or tell you something she doesn’t truly believe.  It’s refreshing.  And us Seattlelites are lucky she is in the neighborhood.

Check out JL’s website, workshops, retreats and Seattle-based classes.

Sustainable Weight Loss Tips

I am gearing up for a Bachelorette party this weekend, except for the fact that I’m not really “gearing up.”

A little over 2 years ago, I’d be going on some crazy 3 day cleanse where I do nothing but drink green juice, hit up 2 a days at the yoga studio and try to run 3-6 miles.  I’m exhausted just writing all that crap.

I gained and lost 10 pounds for the majority of my life.  Ever since I can remember when I first weighed myself.  It was 6th grade.  And no joke, until 2 years ago, my temporary weight loss was just that, temporary.

Tips for avoiding the roller coaster of weight loss:

  1. Drink more water.  Usually we are thirsty, not hungry.
  2. Limit yourself to 2 drinks, once/twice per week.  That’s it.  After that, bring on the hangover and the laziness.
  3. Move, every day.  It doesn’t have to be a TRX on the daily, just get yourself moving!
  4. Try to eat as clean as possible.  Shop the perimeters.  I’m sure you’ve heard it a lot, but this one is tough.  Especially when you are looking for something and the colors and beautiful fonts of processed food catches your eye.  If you’re in a pinch, eat a Quest Bar.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up.  If you had too much to eat and you feel full, so what?  Feel full, move on and don’t eat as much at your next meal.
  6. Follow the 80/20 rule.  80% stay on track.  20% live a little.

Need additional tips/extra help?  That is why this website exists.  I’m your gal!