What a Certified Health Coach Eats

Have you ever wondered what a health coach eats all day?  You see the fancy pictures on Instagram or Facebook and may read the recipes we provide, but here’s a glimpse into the life…

Wake up.  Ask myself how I’m feeling.  Am I dehydrated?  If so, I start the day with a large glass of room temperature water.  If I feel a little more jazzy, I make my sugar free hot cocoa (1 tbsp raw cacao powder, dash of cinnamon, packet of stevia, coconut milk + hot water.  Stir over hot pot + sip when ready).

Depending on the day, I either grab a Quest Bar (if I’m teaching or just lazy) and head out the door.  If you’re asking what I’ve been eating over the past few weeks, since my foot surgery, it differs immensely.  If my guy is home, he treats me to a delicious, wholesome breakfast.  Usually something like eggs, spinach + sweet potatoes.  I smile happily as he plants the plate on my lap and says, “Eat it before it gets cold Babe.”  I give him a quick wink and start gunning.

A little bit later I might have a piece of gluten free toast with avocado + himalayan salt or half a banana or I might make a smoothie.  If I’m feeling like a “walk the talk” coach, I’ll dip some celery and carrots in hummus.  So crunchy + satisfying.

I have really low blood pressure and need more salt in my diet, so that pink salt goes on almost everything.

For dinner, we have a clean protein.  Something like fish or chicken with some sort of salad.  In the evenings, since it’s Fall, I’ve been craving butternut squash soup, sweet potatoes or chili with tortilla chips (live a little).

Throughout the day, I drink water, tea or the cocoa above.  I’m a big chocolate lover + sometimes I think all the magnesium goes to my head and that’s why I’m so energetic!

I try to go to bed around 10-11, earlier if I ate earlier in the day.  I don’t like my stomach growling at night.  That’s the worst.  Sometimes I drink some water or munch on a few Lily’s stevia sweetened chocolate chips that I find at Whole Foods.

A lot of holistic health, meals, fitness + a dash of supplementation.

Do you know who you are or why you do the things you do?  For almost my whole life, I’ve tried to figure out who I am and what I stand for + I’m not scared anymore.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition taught me how to navigate the world of total wellness and customize a plan that fits into my life.  Find a holistic plan that works for you and I guarantee you will stop skipping from diet to diet, workout to workout.

Like I usually say, progress over perfection.

Love to you on this blistery day!