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CLEAR, was created for the entrepreneur who has already achieved success but knows her current thoughts, stories and beliefs, will NOT get her to the next level.

A c.l.e.a.r. mind makes Your next level easy and inevitable

the growth of your business depends on your ability to make decisions from instinct.


Oh, heyyyyyy action taker!




Stories about how we feel. Stories about our finances. Stories about the past. Stories about yesterday...


What we don’t do enough of is tell the stories of how it gets to be for us.

Stories like...


  • nothing is out of reach
  • everything is possible when we believe it is
  • nothing is stuck
  • everything is a choice


We choose to be wealthy and energetic.


Let me explain…


A sensation passes through our body and our mind makes up a story based on past programming.

But the sensation is just… a sensation... that we create a story around.

Because of what happened previously when the sensation occurred.

This is why even the most successful people find themselves stuck in the exact same thought loop or self-doubt spiral when it comes to blasting through to their next level of success.


That’s where I come in.

I help you dissolve stories that don’t align with your highest vibration through my own modality that I’ve created over 12 years of working with the subconscious.

This level of mastery has created hundreds of thousands of dollars and an understanding of energetics and spirituality.


When a client tells me about how things are, I’m listening to her languaging and the way her voice moves up and down.

I’m speaking to her unconscious so she clears old stories to live in a more peaceful, calm energy.
Know what happens when old stories are cleared?


Greater expansion to hold more wealth... like my clients going from 50K/year to 370K/year or 10K/month to 40K/month without overwhelm or launching continually.

This is where C.L.E.A.R comes in...




  • Clarify your medicine
  • Lead with your gifts
  • Energize your offers
  • Attract soulmate clients
  • Receive the big bucks

Who is CLEAR for?

  • Women entrepreneurs that desire a high level of support to hold their next expansion (going from 100K to 700K/year or 30 to 100K months!)
  • Women who want to be highly compensated for the value of their gifts (and stop second guessing their brilliance!)
  • Women who love being guided and having someone who can dissolve limitations in the mind so you get into action FAST every single week!
  • Women who want to attract soul sisters to co-create with
  • Women who are ready to get out of their own way and become visible with their unique medicine
  • Healers who want to be in overflow, instead of settling for whatever they can get
J Muenz

Here's what results you can expect:

  • A clear mind that makes it easy to make decisions for the growth of your business
  • Leading the international retreat of your dreams that’s sold out with the best humans alive
  • Making more money than you ever thought possible through manifesting and sacred creation techniques
  • To show up in your full authority whether you’re speaking on stage or to a stranger at the grocery store
  • You’ll step into the most empowered, powerful version of yourself as a leader so that you can charge the big bucks and trust the value of your gifts
  • You’ll learn how to bring in all parts of yourself into your business instead of compartmentalizing and keeping the “good stuff” hidden 



  • 2 Private Sessions every month (18 total!)
  • Private Voxer Mentorship (the entire 9 months!)
  • 3-day All-Inclusive Retreat (details TBD)
  • All Access Pass to Digital Programs (17 programs on wealth, mindset, energetics + boundaries!)

10K in CLEAR BONUSES! limited time bonuses!

  • 2 Day Energy Rich Retreat July 27-27th ($2K value!)
  • The 5 Day Wild Woman Greece Retreat ($8,500 Value)

J Muenz

Spiritual Mentor, Business Intuitive and Wild Woman

J Muenz brings wealthy, wild women into their highest timeline. She co-creates with service providers, energy workers and healers worldwide. She has worked with thousands of women from more than 13+ countries and has led 16 sold-out retreats. She loves connecting with women in her Energy Rich Sisterhood, where she guides and collabs with abundance mindset wild women who want to bring their manifestation board into reality in less than 12 months.

In September 2024, J's leading a Wild Woman Retreat in Mykonos, Greece for women wanting to dip their toes in the Aegean Sea and be transported back to a time when priestesses and goddesses ruled the earth. It's a remembering, activating and integrating new codes retreat for cellular memory using meditation, channeling and reprogramming using hypnotherapy and past life regression.

pre-enrollment ends: July 15th, 2024


Pre-Enrollment Investment:

Payment Plan: $3,333 x 9

Extended payment plan: $2,143 x 14


Regular Enrollment Investment:

Payment Plan: $4,444 x 9


CLEAR officially BEGINS: October 21st, 2024