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Energy Rich Sisterhood

The Energy Rich Sisterhood, the 12 month membership for women who refuse to burn the midnight oil in exchange for services... for women who said, "I'm worthy of massive compensation and an overflow of pleasure."





Our Video Sessions

Dive into a rich dialogue dissecting the entrepreneur's journey—from letting go of rigid plans to embracing effortless growth. Experience the power of staying true to your flow, making mindful shifts, and learning to make wealth acquisition a fun, easy part of life. Key Points • Trusting your gut over rigid plans • Aligning offers with your flow state • Money mindset: ease over struggle • Healing can be fun, not just serious • Creating a community with vibrancy Best Quotes 01:11 - 01:19 • "I don't have to do these slides. Like I can just riff on what we need to riff on and clear what we need to clear." 03:15 - 03:22 • "I'm having a split with clients. One half of 'em. Totally inflow, alignment, creativity is pouring out." 04:17 - 04:25 • "I've been in a huge, huge space in season for the past, I mean, I wanna say a couple years, but it, it continues to accumulate and compound." 04:47 - 04:58 • "I'm still adjusting my mind to it. It's like, so I used to be like, you know, I, I think back, I, I used to do a lot, a lot of influencing work." 14:48 - 14:53 • "And then we lose the house and we can't make the mortgage. And then, and they're like, woo, woo woo." 28:26 - 28:29 • "Is it lighter or is it, is there still some rock in there?"

Summary Tune in as we dive headfirst into cultivating your "Fuck Yes" energy! Whether you're thirsty for inspiration or need a strategic energy boost, we're unpacking top-tier tactics for entrepreneurs eager to seize success, enhance skills, and radiate confidence. Get ready to fire up your inner powerhouse—all in under 30 minutes!

Dive into a whirlwind of motivation with our latest episode, where we explore 'fuck yes' energy and crafting a life of certainty. Get insights on personal branding, skill enhancement, and the power of mindset. Ready to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit? Tune in!