Looking back at the beginning of Untapped, what were you like? Your thoughts? Your business? How you saw yourself?

I was confused and pulled in different directions. I felt I was investing a lot of money and effort and not getting where I wanted to be. My main problem was that I was originally a scientist but felt being drawn to various mystical teachings. This created an internal conflict which used a lot of emotional energy.

What happened over the course of 6 months?

I found a way to unite science and spirituality in me. I became more peaceful and not so easily affected by external opinions. I started speaking with more authority and a sense of my unique expertise. I became very clear on who I want to work with and who I don’t want to work with.

Now what is life like? Your relationship to money and abundance? How has your business grown?

I am in a process of making a clear separation between my hypnotherapy business which has legal requirements, liability insurance and best practices and all other spiritual teachings/trainings/coaching I am able to offer. This helps me communicate with more clarity so people understand what I do. I recently opened a physical location in Kirkland and feel very solid about it. I self-published two new books and next year I will have my first book published by a publishing company and co-authored with my Tao teacher Master Mantak Chia. I spoke at the biggest and most elite hypnosis conference in Vegas. I learned to ask for testimonials. I was invited to teach at Zen Heart Center and in January I have my second workshop there. I am clear on my prices for hypnosis. I believe I have a solid foundation to build a successful business. So this year I am focusing on using what I learned and creating a solid profitable business.

What events/retreats do you have coming up?

Unveil Your Soul’s Secrets: Past Life Regression Workshop I teach on January 13th, at Zen Heart Center in Bothell.


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