After Untapped wrapped up this year, I took a much needed step back… and it was like everything I learned from you over the years of working together just took flight within me. I saw for maybe the first time, that pulling together the elements of what I LOVE doing could be wrapped into ONE.

Now I’m a 5-star airbnb host with a beautiful sacred space to share with other spiritually curious women who want to discover their soul callings. I am able to weave my coaching into additional offers for anyone who stays at The Lofthouse. I am sharing my love of the outdoors to teach others how to get grounded and tap into their creative sides. I’m super jazzed to be creating a new brand that is Goddess Getaway Retreats! AND I am overall just so stinking happy! 

Looking back at the beginning of Untapped, what were you like? Your thoughts? Your business? How you saw yourself?

I felt scattered… while ideas were abundantly overflowing, I was chronically over-thinking. I saw myself as highly creative but overwhelmed with the business side of entrepreneurship.

What happened over the course of 6 months?

Over the course of 6 months, with J’s help, I was able to reach a high level of self acceptance and embraced ALL of who I am. The work we did together helped me find my own confidence and courage to take big leaps in my business, stop hesitating on things that felt scary… without her healing guidance I would still be deer in the headlights with figuring out how to price my offers! By the end of Untapped, I knew the direction I wanted to go with my coaching career because I was following the formula of “doing what lights ME up”… J wakes up a part of you that has been sleeping… she sees possibility for you. One of the biggest take aways I will always thank her for, is the permission slip I was given to use ALL my gifts. I overcame the conditioning that I had to do just one thing in order to be successful… now I fully embrace my multi-passionate self and life feels delicious!

Now what is life like? Your relationship to money and abundance? How has your business grown?

One of the biggest shifts around money I had was that it often shows up in ways you aren’t expecting… J did a great job of highlighting where I was leaving money on the table, reminding me of when it showed up abundantly in other forms, and helping me see when I was overlooking the possibilities of where I could be making money by using my gifts. 

After Untapped, I was able to open up another income stream and now I’m making an additional $3K/month on top of my coaching programs! Additionally, I launched my first VIP Weekend Retreat idea and it filled immediately… life is good!

What events/retreats do you have coming up?

I am the host of a gorgeous sacred retreat space called The Lofthouse in Seattle and now the creator of Goddess Getaway Retreats. 

This December – SOUL MAPPING an 8 Week Private Coaching Experience to help women discover their Soul’s Calling, Create an intuitive plan, and decondition so they can get out their own way! Using the beautiful blueprint of their own HUMAN DESIGN, we’re getting busy turning their reveries into reality while we meet in person at their 4 night VIP stay at The Lofthouse in Seattle! I can’t wait!!!!


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