Meet Lauren:  

Lauren Cross is an incredible light centered photographer. If you’ve ever worked with her before, you know the magic she provides through that lens!

So How Did Lauren become Untapped??


In January 2023, Lauren was facing a significant transition in her life, marked by emotional struggles, low confidence, and a lack of self-worth. She had difficulty getting in front of the camera and expressing herself, hindering her personal and professional growth. It all stemmed from self-limiting beliefs that needed healing.

“I’m unrecognizable now from who I was in January.”


Lauren embarked on a transformative journey with Untapped. She began to rebuild her confidence and self-worth with support and these unique tools J teaches. Lauren focused on self-acceptance and embracing her authentic self, shedding her fear of judgment and overthinking.


“And so you really helped remember, helped me remember who she {Lauren Elizabeth – Me} is and what she likes and not to be scared.”

Over the course of a few months, Lauren underwent a profound transformation, rediscovering her passion and identity, opening up on social media and sharing her vulnerabilities. Lauren found her inner spark and started a unique photography project called “Sparkle Sessions.” She gained newfound confidence, attracting attention from notable clients like NFL teams’ cheerleaders. Lauren initiated a platform called “Sparkle Squad” and planned events to empower women and encourage self-celebration.


Lauren’s journey continues to evolve, with a book in progress, capturing her raw and inspiring experiences. She has streamlined her business, reducing stress and creating balance. Lauren has embraced her intuitive side, trusting her gut and following her heart. The future holds more growth, more glitter, and more opportunities for Lauren to inspire others to embrace their authenticity and self-worth!

Her website,, and (linked below too) will be the go-to places for those looking to experience her transformative journey and creative work.


You can find Lauren On Instagram HERE and check out her Sparkle Sessions HERE!

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