I want you to get ready to rock your cozy sweaters and body huggin’ jeans (or leggings, let’s be real) this Fall. I work with women who want to lose 5-15 pounds but are so crazy tired, the thought of chopping up veggies makes them want to crawl back into bed. Here is something else I’ve heard more than once, “J, I eat so clean and my stomach is killing me!”


Does this sound familiar…

No energy despite getting 8 hours of sleep and not eating 3 hours before bedtime?

Stomach problems so bad that you are scared to leave your house?

If you’re like, “how is she reading my mind?” get ready because we have some work to do.

I lost 5 pounds and gained 20. I ate “clean” and worked out twice a day, five times a week. I was doing everything I was supposed to and still dreaded having to shower or put on make up.

I was exhausted, bloated, swollen, puffy and miserable.

I felt like my body was attacking me and no doctor could figure it out.

But you don’t have to live like that. Don’t settle for mediocre.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 3-7 pounds of weight loss
  • clothes fitting better
  • wake up more energized
  • clearer thinking
  • glowing skin
  • pretty nails
  • digestion with a bang!
  • less headaches
  • reduced anxiety
  • good tasting food
  • easy to prepare meals




I was so sick of losing and gaining and decided I didn’t want to do that my entire life! Weight loss is more than numbers on a scale. When you reach your goal weight from actual hard work, (no fad diets here) your confidence builds and your self esteem sky rockets.


It’s time for you to spend the next 21 days detoxing the toxic crap from your beautiful body. A body that you can’t wait to reconnect with…


I’m a Detox Specialist, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Fitness Specialist and Creator of this 21 Day Fall Detox. I lost 20 pounds for good 6 years ago. I was scared when I gained 33 pounds while I was pregnant. I thought, “PLEASE don’t let this weight stay on!!” I followed this detox loosely, went back to my weight loss expertise and lost all 33 pounds within 4 months after having my baby boy. I feel better now than before I was pregnant!



This three-week program is different than the other seasonal detoxes I’ve led over the last 5 years. I’ve coached 100’s of women, families and a few good men and I’ve thought about how to create more of a va-va-voom while detoxing.



  • Welcome email will be sent straight to your inbox with all your downloadable materials! (valued at $195)
  • 14 days of easy to prepare suggested meal guide with the most efficient shopping list you’ve ever seen: gluten free + vegan or gluten free + animal protein recipes included. (valued at $300)
  • Complete DIY program – purchase now and go at your own pace
  • The entire 21 days is virtual – so no need to leave the house to attend sessions, we’re reaching your goals straight from your hacienda.
  • Fall specific recipe book packed with 40+ pages of recipes tailored to make fall feel festive and alive! (valued at $350)
  • Most Badass Detox guide – the benefits of a fall detox and 30+ pages that will make the next 21 days a breeze ($200).

That’s 14 days of recipes, support, program materials and guidance worth $1465! I am offering it to you… for only $97.

Fearful to Fit Fall Detox

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we’ll take the exact steps to makeover the kitchen and our mindset. Let’s shop + chop this week so week two is a breeze. But also let’s have fun. Let’s get to know each other in week one – community buiding fo’ real.

we’re feeling comfortable enough to tackle the eating phase of our detox. One of my favorite topics in nutrition school was “food energetics,” as in, the food we eat creates the type of energy we have: low or high.


this is the beauty of a whole foods program. If you’re feeling amazing, keep on girlfriend! If you are doing this detox to discover mystery food allergies, than the transitional phase is exactly what you’re looking for. In this phase we re-introduce potentially offensive foods to see if your body has a reaction.

One of the most frustrating things my clients experience before they come to me is having to figure out what works. Reading hundreds of articles full of conflicting information, desperately trying to figure out what foods are really good for them, trying to find these foods in the stores, then trying to figure out what to do with them… it’s no wonder half of them give up before they get started. The Immune-Boosting Fall Detox is ready to go. It’s planned, mapped out and laid out, and all you have to do is follow it.

Fearful to Fit Fall Detox

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Everything you need will be sent straight to your inbox the moment you sign up!

Now, I know you don’t want to be dependent on me to tell you what to eat for the rest of your life. That’s why the Immune-Boosting Fall Detox not only lays out exactly what you need to do, it also teaches you all about making the best choices for the long term.


  • Strengthen your immune system and rebuild your gut, so that you can get right through fall and winter just about illness-free…
  • Get rid of the bloat, cramps and gas…
  • Stop getting sick every other week…

The Immune-Boosting Fall Detox is based on the elimination protocol. We start by removing all the foods that could be causing your digestive distress and immune system issues. Then, we slowly reintroduce them to work out how you react.

By the end of the detox, you will not only feel clearer, brighter and more full of energy, but you will also have a solid understanding of how your body works.


You are getting a 21 day fully loaded detox with a side of immune boosting love.

I see this every season…Spring and Summer you’re full of energy and once the seasons change, you’re struggling to get your strength back because you’re fighting the winter cold.

Instead of crispy cut veggies and hummus, you’re downing anything rich and full of flavor to stay warm. You know what I’m talking about and so does your baked goods buns.

But what if you could set yourself up for success, instead of sickness?

Fearful to Fit Fall Detox

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Who is this program for?

  • Current and new clients. If we finished the Fearful to Fit 90 Day Private coaching program and you’re looking for a refresher – this is it! Plus, you have the unique opportunity to get to know yourself on a deeper level with a group of supportive women.
  • Women who want to lose 4-6 pounds over the next 21 days. I’ve had clients lose more than 10 pounds due to heavy toxicity! We will see what in your body wants to let go and how clearing out your mind will lead to additional weight loss.
  • It’s for you if you feel like you cannot stomach another diet, count another point or track your food religiously. This uniquely designed program is flexible and we color outside the lines. Perfection is thrown out and progress is met with high fives. This is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. This is your jump start program.
  • Supportive, positive women who want to build back their confidence one goal crushed at a time.









You’ll also receive the ultimate bonus guide! “Foods, Yoga & Supplements for a Robust Immune System.” This 15 page guide is a must-have for boosting your immune system this Fall. This guide comes with the most effective yoga poses to enhance your detoxification + reduce stress! ($195 value).

Fearful to Fit Fall Detox

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Everything you need will be sent straight to your inbox the moment you sign up!


Listen ladies, if I can run a business as a stay at home Mama to a 9 month old, cook meals, make smoothies and workout 3-4 days per week, YOU CAN TOO. Nothing will ever be perfect, but if you are willing to invest in your self care now, the future will open up doors you did not even know existed!

Here’s what happens after you say YES to the Fearful to Fit Fall Detox...

You’ll receive a welcome letter from me including all of your materials within 24 hours. browse the recipes, shop for groceries and decide if you want to batch cook or cook every single recipe. Your choice! 


It’s filled with millions of cells, from blood cells to nerves, membranes to muscles, organs to intestines, all working together like a well-oiled machine to fight off viruses and bacteria, toxins, pollens, microbes of all kinds and even injuries and get us back up to good health again.

The modern busy lifestyle, however, doesn’t really do much to support that engine. Too much processed, nutrient-poor food, not enough exercise and overall an unhealthy approach to life leaves your immune system overworked, overburdened and unable to cope. So I designed the Immune-Boosting Fall Detox to say no more to a rushed life and YES to an immune boosted system that sword fights the nasty bugs trying to get in that gives us sore throats and runny noses!

Ditch the processed foods and nutritionally poor garbage that leaves your body exhausted and poorly nourished. Eat delicious, nourishing, fresh and nutrient-dense foods that support your immune system, fill you with energy and rebuild your gut biome. Cleanse yourself of all those built-up toxins and rejuvenate yourself with all the tricks I have up my sleeve.

All you need to do is follow the plan and allow your body to heal.



I travel a lot for work, will this program be doable if I’m traveling?

Yes! If you have the ability to prep your food, bring it with you and find the best options with what’s available, you can do this. It will be challenging if you are traveling a ton, but it is doable.

Are there vegan and gluten free recipes?

YES! Both. Vegan and animal protein and all recipes are naturally gluten free because they are unprocessed.

Why is this program different than other weight loss programs?

We’re working on detoxing bad habits and unhealthy cells throughout your body. This is the component other programs miss and why women go from diet to diet. I want you to thrive in your new lifestyle, not just walk away after 3 weeks to gain it back the moment the program ends.

Is this a group program?

Yes. The more the merrier!

Can I repeat meals or do I have to follow this program perfectly to have success?

I call the repeated meals “batch and cook” and I encourage people to repeat meals for ease. I do it myself. I make large batches of soup to have for three nights in a row and tons of snacks for days on end. I do not want perfection, I want progress. I say this all the time. 

I really need support, will that be offered?

Group support from your detoxing friends will be offered in the Facebook group and any question asked in there, I will happily answer. Because this is a group program, I will not be able to answer private messages or emails, that is why the group is so helpful because I can answer questions one time and everyone can see it. If you are looking for private coaching, send me an email and we can talk about my 90 day program.

Fearful to Fit Fall Detox

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Send an email with any questions to and I’ll be happy to respond within 24-48 hours.

This program is non-refundable. Please read disclaimer below.