Wild Woman Greece Retreat header (new style 2024)

Hey Wild Woman...

You're here. You can take a deep breath and remove the mask. No leading for you, this time, you're receiving.

You knew the moment you saw the word Greece that something was here for you... a remembrance... a stirring of the soul. You knew a past life existed near the Aegean Sea, where the priestesses still walk to this day...

The energy you're soaking up this time is the energy of Aphrodite, the energy of Kali Ma, the energy of Isis...

You came to rewire your subconscious to connect back in with yourself. You've risen in the ranks, that's obvious... but there's still days when you're not sure if the voices in your head are your own.

Are they STILL your parents?! You've done the most inner work, YET... there's residue and you're here to clear it for good. For you, for your children, for your generations past and future.

Plus, you get to do the deep inner work for 5 days in a private 5-star villa that overlooks the gorgeous blue water.

You're receiving on all levels as you drop in, become centered and bask in the safety net we've secured.


Priestess Temples, Sunset Sails, Beaches + Local Healers

Every meal is curated by our private chef for you to create an outer glow and look like your radiant self again who's confident and sure of what she stands for.

You're surprised and delighted by the 70 degree perfect weather and the warmth in the air that kisses your skin. You can't believe that you're waking up to these mind blowing, drop to your knees sunrises and falling asleep easily to the sunsets and guided meditations.

You begin thinking... 

"Have I been here before?!"

"Have I walked these paths with these exact women!?"

"Why have I doubted myself and my gifts?"

A visit to the priestess temple further encodes a level of leadership and certainty you've only dreamed of prior - there's something about stepping foot into the temples of the greats.

The work to fully activate your voice... your wild woman and your healer codes is in the in-betweens...

  • The guided meditations are specifically designed to activate your heart chakra to help you tap into your higher self so you can receive specific messages for your calling... 
  • The angelic channeling where we connect with your angels, your spirit team and past lives to activate prosperity codes in this lifetime
  • The subconscious reprogramming techniques I use are customized to this experience... we'll work on the language you use, the stories you tell and how to strengthen your vision for what's coming
  • The vocal exercises we'll do together clear blockages in your throat that previously lowered your frequency
  • The heart coherence protocols establish a safe space to connect deeply and quickly with your beloveds 

A few more deets on what's included:

  • 4 Nights, 5 Days Luxury Lodging in a Private 5-Star Grecian Villa!
  • Wild Woman Photo Shoot think long, flowing dresses among a white wall and the blue sea!
  • All Local, Seasonal Meals created by our Seasoned Private Chef
  • Intuitive Coaching for you to rewire any lingering thoughts of doubt and unease in the body
  • Travel excursions from the Villa
  • Priestess Temple Visit
  • Soundbath Healing Session on the Beach
  • Mini Yacht Sunset Sailing Trip

What's Not Included:

  • Airfare
  • Travel from airport to and from the Villa
  • Traveler/medical insurance
  • Meals outside of the Villa
  • Alcohol + souvenirs

Your Bonuses...

  • Sacred Initiation Session 1 month prior to our retreat to answer questions, meet retreaters and go over itinerary!
  • Sacred Integration Session 1 month post retreat to share integrations 
  • Group WhatsApp with our retreaters to share what's coming up + one with our Travel Director, Katy, to answer traveling questions

Let's Recap, Wild Woman...

You're coming on a 5-Day Retreat in Mykonos, Greece because you said, "YES! GET ME OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE AND INTO AN ANCIENT TEMPLE TO REMEMBER MY FIRE!"

Greece awaits your arrival.


Private Room (only 3 left!)


6 X $1,416

PIF ($1,500 OFF)