Meet Cassie:  In this week’s How SHE did it interview, we have Cassie Sells, a hard-working, creative entrepreneurial boss and mother of two toddlers, who went from having a poor immune system and frantic energy to growing her intuitive abilities.

Cassie used the Deep Activation and Activate Your Gifts 90-Day private coaching program to arrive at her peaceful warrior woman energy state.

So How Did SHE Do It?

The Challenge:

Cassie got sick a lot, when someone else was sick, she not only caught their cold, her recovery time took three times longer. She was sick and tired of feeling rundown because she has big dreams and goals to achieve!

The Solution:  

“I just trusted J and let her unpack things with me guide and help heal me. Healing conversations and healing body work.”

We did a lot of guided meditations, energy clearings and journaling exercises to lift off and heal wounds from the past.

The Results:  

“My clarity, sense of self, intuition, joy, relationships enhancing and my physical body health.

Lots of breakthroughs! Tons of emotional and energetic work. Huge health breakthroughs. Huge moments of knowing myself and letting go of what was expected of me but is not me.

I learned about energetic projection, growing my intuitive abilities and my leadership voice.”

HER future:

As a Deep Activation + Activate Your Gifts private coaching Graduate, her goal is to: continue energy work knowledge and meditation. Cassie wants to continue leaning into what makes her truly a PEACEFUL WISE and quirky warrior woman. AND to keep digging deep into her calling.


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