Meet Jen  In this week’s How SHE did it interview, we have Jen Phillips, Feminine Embodiment Coach for Creatives.

So How Did SHE Do It?


I began working with J in April/May of 2020 (right as Covid hit)… I had barely made an income that previous year and was struggling to figure out who I was as a coach. I also was under charging for my services and didn’t have the confidence or know how to raise my pricing. I was frustrated and ready to throw in the towel, not sure that I’d be able to create the coaching business that I desired.

Because you were already doing what I wanted to be doing. You had come from a health coaching background and I had watched you create a shift in your own business from health coach to biz coach. You modeled the confidence that I was also looking to embody.


J helped me see the possibilities that existed for me in my business. The more we coached together the more and more my confidence grew. I began charging more (unapologetically) and she immediately had me walking in the direction of programs and offers that lit me up inside. I became an idea producing queen! And having J to lean into to help me stay focused and decide on my best next action steps. This type of support as a solo entrepreneur is priceless.

Having J as my coach restored my hope that a successful coaching business was totally achievable. She got me really in touch with what my gifts are and gave me the permission slip I needed to hear to use them ALL… intuitively. Over the course of that first 9 months, I began attracting soul aligned clients and coaching was really fulfilling again.


Within only 7 months (by the end of 2020) I had QUADRUPLED my income! And the following year that number doubled again!

J also helped me align with what was out of balance in my life outside of my business… I was able to finally take hard steps to strengthen my marriage, work on areas of my health that were neglected, and get my house in order. All of these things were energetic leaks pulling my attention away from my business growth.


My experience with J has been priceless… her intuitively led coaching and mentorship, helped me tap into the best version of me and gain the confidence to share all my gifts with the world. It has been so valuable to lean into her knowledge and leadership style to receive the guidance I needed to push through even the hardest of days as an entrepreneur. She is not shy at calling out my own BS, she’s a master at reframing and uplifting, and holds space for me when I need a good listening ear. So grateful for this journey and to have J as part of my “health” team in business and in life. She is a Go Getter Goddess and I am proud to say that she has been my coach!


To Your Gifts,

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