10 years ago, I started studying energy medicine.

I never knew that studying energy medicine would lead to wealth and a law of attraction I couldn’t stop if I tried.

You see the thing is, we’re always attracting.

We attract things we think about, we attract things we want and things we don’t want.

Say you want to take a week off of work, but you don’t.

So you get sick and are forced to take a week off.

Or you want a water view so you manifest an issue in your house and are forced out of your non-water view house and into a VRBO with a water view.

The universe is always working for you.

Even the shitty parts that suck, the days where you’re like WTF is going on and why in the hell would I manifest THIS disaster.

Then you look back and you see all the gifts it brought you.

In my case, part of my past of chronic health issues forced me to seek out alternative medical practitioners and earth medicine.

For more than a decade my health has been my biggest challenge and through a year-long dark night of the soul and traveling across the country to see muscle testers, I’ve learned A TON about healing and how crucial mind work is when healing from chronic illness.

If I can manifest a healthier body through thinking better thoughts about healing, the same thing can be done for money.

If we can attract money, we can hold money and we can expand money.

Just like energy.

If we learn how to build energetic protection and boundaries and expansion with our energy, the same thing can be done for money.

Loving what you’re reading/feeling/what’s being activated within you?

You’ll love the Gifts of Energy.


To Your Gifts,

J Muenz

Gift Activation Coach

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