Looking back at the beginning of your work with J, what were you like? Your thoughts? Your business? How you saw yourself?

I was coming out of a Dark Night of the Soul. I remember the night before I started working with J (it was New Year’s Eve) I was lying comatose on the bed in a hotel and feeling completely disconnected from myself. My poor nervous system was fried from the hardest year of my life. I decided that this year would be the year I gave it my ALL and did it in a sustainable way that I could handle.

What happened over 6 months?

I really honed in on my gifts and have so much clarity on the transformation I create with my clients. I launched two new programs and am hosting my first retreat in a couple of months!

Now what is life like? Your relationship to money and abundance? How has your business grown?

There’s no fear around money, just trust. I know I’m always taken care of. I create from an inspired place instead of out of fear.

What events/retreats do you have coming up?

Be the Light Retreat in San Diego in January!

What’s happened throughout our time together? *

I’ve gotten clear on what it is I want to help my people do.

My clients are getting better results than ever because I’m staying in my wheelhouse.

I’ve launched two new programs.

I’m hosting my first retreat!

I’ve let my WOO shine.


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