I had to do something drastic to pull me out of the loop

Your subconscious mind holds the beliefs that aren’t true.

“Oh my god if I spend $3,000, I’ll never get it back.”

But what if you spent that $3,000 and tripled it?

You need to put yourself in an environment of accountability and energy of abundance.

I was in the loop.

It was 2015 and we had just bought a house and moved from Seattle to Gig Harbor after getting married.

I knew I wanted to be a Health Coach, but after making basically no money as a full-time fitness instructor, I didn’t think it was possible to make more than $40,000 a year.

I had maxed out my efforts, bought all the DIY programs and watched all the free content on how to make my passion an actual business, but I was tired.

Exhausted. Working to the bone with a full coaching schedule, but making the tiniest amount of money, I was desperate, but trapped in the loop.

“I make no money, so I have none to invest.”


I got on a call with someone I knew I would kill it with, because I liked her vibe and I liked how powerful I felt when talking to her. I felt like I could actually make it with her on my side.

It was on this call that I got out of the loop.

I said yes, didn’t have the money to invest and took a chance on me.

Something I thought I had done, but not at this level and it skyrocketed my commitment, confidence and goals to succeed.

It’s been nearly four years of hard work, dedication and focus and I’ve doubled my income every year since working with her.

I always think… “what if I would’ve said no AGAIN and stayed in the loop of, can’t invest because I’m scared?” I already know what would’ve happened, because I had been doing it for 4 years prior to hiring a coach.

In 12 days I’m heading to Arizona for a retreat and photo shoot and it’s because I got out of the loop.

Take my advice and get out of the loop!

Cheers to the most epic 2020,
J Muenz
CEO Fearful to Fit + Activate Your Gifts
P.S. Until you work with someone who knows how to get you to the deepest level of healing to make room for growth, the foundation ain’t solid sista. It’s like a grumbly mess and it’s in desperate need of a clean up service.

We reprogram your mind to be a “fit” mindset. Not a fearful one, that attracts all that pain and
operating out of fear.

 (hence Fearful to Fit)

 With less than 2 days left of 2019, you can have a plan unique to you for the first 90 days of 2020.

– 6 private coaching calls
– Unlimited Voxer coaching (think walkie talkie)
– Unlimited Email Support
– session notes within 48 hours of session
– recommendations to experts and the best products I use
– VIP Day (bonus ending Dec 31)

So, if you want a plan unique to you apply to your 15-minute decision making call:

VIP Days

This is the third year I’ve hosted VIP Days and workshops at my home.

We’ve been working on our lawn (okay, my husband has) for the last few years and he sees my vision. Hopefully it’ll be ready by next summer. I see a lot of VIP events in our dreamy backyard, but it’s going to take some serious grind and dough.

OFFICE UPDATES: we are sooooo close!!! I’m still searching for a few things: very cozy and comfy area rug underneath the couch, painting the bookshelves white and donating books. I have a book problem. I LOVE THEM. Right now I’m looking at Alejando Junger’s Clean Gut, Loving What Is by Byron Katie, Veganist by Kathy Freston, Passionate Nutrition, Taming Your Outer Child, dozens of holistic health guides and yoga books from teacher training and the list goes on. I’m looking for a really cute bench or something to put against the wall to add some serious vibes to this room. Maybe another lamp and putting the TV in our garage gym.

I’m so excited and happy to take you on the adventure.

Back to VIP DAYS! What are they?

They are deeply intensive, one day events. I called them Mini Retreats two years ago, but VIP Days sounds better now, because I’ve stepped into my power and I am able to hold that superior space for each woman who walks in the door.

Women are in tears.

Women are broken open and revealing secrets they didn’t even know existed in their body.

Women are happily laughing as they release tension!

Women feel confident in their choices.

Women look inward instead of listening to everyone else’s two cents.

Women leave feeling lighter and healthier.

They are an investment and I only offer a limited amount every month. To Apply for your VIP Day go here.

Take a look behind the scenes.

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This is how Karen lost 16 pounds in less than 90 days

I am pretty excited to share this beautiful woman’s success story with you today.

Before working together in my 90 day private coaching program, Karen was not doing so well. I remember her coming over for our in-person session and she seemed defeated, beaten down by dieting and ready to start seeing some resultswithout cancelling every social plan.

90 days later, LOOK AT THIS RADIATING BEAUTY who is celebrating 16 pounds down!

What is your name and what are your titles?

Karen Frank.  I am a Registered Nurse in adult Trauma/Neuro ICU.  I am also our union’s Co-chair.  I am a mom, wife, and friend!

What was life like before working with J?

My life was filled with diet after diet trying to lose weight and keep it off.  I was fighting off some depression associated with my lack of weight loss and was becoming obsessed with what I needed to do to get the weight off.  My relationships were suffering and so was my own mental health.

What are your 90 day results?

My results are 14-16 lbs depending on the day/week… lol.  I have lost inches, and am down one dress size, and close to another.  I have become more toned, and much healthier.

What would you tell someone who is hesitant about doing the 90 day program?

I would tell someone that the 90 day program is well worth the money put it.  Your life itself is a huge commitment, therefore a huge change in your lifestyle should be too.  This 90 day program is a game changer.  It not only changed my weight, it changed my soul.

How many diets have you tried in the past and which ones?

I have lost track of how many diets I have attempted in my life.  I would say in the last 2 years I have tried at least 4-5 diets.  Carb cycling, south beach, advocare, beach body, plexus, it works, and many more.

What was different about working with J? Something you haven’t received in previous programs?

The big difference in working with J is that it is a full body experience.  The focus is not just on the number on the scale, but what has gone into the weight gain and the reasoning for why it has not come off.  J takes a look at you from the inside out, not the other way around.  I learned more about myself in 90 days than I have in my lifetime.  I examined events in my life that I was continuing to carry guilt over, and have addressed them head on.  I was able to let go of the sadness from bad choices made earlier in my life, and most of all, forgive myself for mistakes I have made along the way.  I realized that by holding onto all of these feelings of guilt, sadness and anger, I was sabotaging my body into not losing the weight!  What an incredible realization!  

I have completely changed my eating habits.  I have eliminated Starbucks from 1-2 per day to now it’s just a treat I give myself every now and then.  I cook my food from scratch now so that I know what goes into it, and I fully enjoy cooking and trying new, fun recipes.  I grocery shop differently and have a new found love for fruits and veggies!  I feel like a new woman!

What are your plans now that the 90 days are over?

My plans are to continue working towards my goal of a 30lb weight loss.  I will continue this new journey of life style changes including my eating habits,forgiveness, and love for myself.  I will continue to work on bettering myself as a mom, wife, friend and nurse. 

Note from J: It has been an honor and a joy to witness Karen’s transformation over the last 90 days. She is not only a client, but a dear friend and fellow firefighter wife. Not only did we drop a few tears, we also laughed so hard my jaw felt like it was going to fall off.

I look forward to serving you in the next level of your health, your lifestyle and most of all, your joy. 

Sisterhood Love,

JJ Muenz
CEO & Founder, Fearful to Fit

P.S. STOP LETTING FEAR RULE YOU! If you’re ready to get the success Karen is enjoying, then step into coaching now, and wrap up 2017 in THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE!

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