What it’s like being a successful female biz owner with diagnosed ADD + ADHD


It is no easy task, to stay on task. RIGHT!?

I didn’t know how much harder and yet easier things would get after having a kid.

On one hand, your schedule is not your own. You are a slave to your house during nap time and your previous life of just leaving on a whim, disappears.

On the other hand, you learn how to get 1,200 things done in less than that two hour nap time.

I’m actually writing during his nap time right now and I have a list of like 10 tasks I need to finish for my business, but I thrive under pressure and they don’t need to be done for four days.

Let me share with you the task list of a successful biz owner with no team (yet).

  • Creating PowerPoints for Break Free Mastermind training.
  • Writing a book
  • Finishing a product so my graphic designer can start creating the look
  • paying Costco, Amazon and regular credit card
  • Enrolling early birds into the Activate your Gifts Retreat (the planning process hasn’t even begun yet and we’re less than 3 months away)
  • Sending session notes to private clients
  • Creating a 5 day challenge with free guides and an opt in page
  • Sending welcome letters to retreaters
  • Trying to figure out what I can automate
  • Social media for my second Instagram account “In My Sweats” named after my podcast
  • Recording a new podcast

I told my Fearful to Fit Fam that I’d be taking them on the journey with me. I wanted to show more behind the scenes of the unglam life of owning a biz and really doing 20% coaching and 80% biz.

In the last three years I went from $1,000 – $3,000 per month and now I’m averaging over $14,000 per month.

This is why I’m letting you in on the not so pretty. The 12-14 hour work days and why I wouldn’t want to do anything else, but this.

So, what’s it like owning a biz with two learning disabilities?

I use them to fire me up.

Having ADD and ADHD means I can do A LOT at one time. Like a scatter brained mongoose on the loose. She’s crossing her t’s and dotting her i’s but it’s more of a round about way then the rest of them.

I finish everything I start.

That wasn’t the case a few years ago. It’s a muscle I’ve had to grow and it pays off immensely.

I’m also more committed to plans than I ever have been.

Another muscle.

I’m a deep feeler, like so many of us ADD women.

And when I don’t feel my peppiest, I don’t want to be around people.

If I’m already zapped, I don’t want to be more zapped.

BUT if I constantly go with my feelings, I’d never leave the house!

So, I’m pretty good now…***instantly flashed to my toddler not sleeping and me canceling all my plans.***

Here are the best ways I know how to cope with a very active, excited mind:

Write it down. Whatever it is. Write that shit down. An idea? A grocery item? A bill you have to pay?

Say it out loud. Tell someone your idea and see how they respond. Are they like, “OOOooooooooo” or “oh?”

Walk outside or on the treadmill. THIS IS KEY to moving stuck energy around. I do jumping jacks and jump up and down before I give a master class to hype myself up.

Take deep breaths before doing a Facebook Live. I do this to calm my nerves. Some days I don’t want to be seen, I want to hide in my house under the comfiest blanket ever, but I don’t. Wanting vs. doing = two very different things

Turn the music on. When you feel stuck or stagnant – pump that shit up and start a family dance party or even party of one.

I took meds for ADD for four years and it royally screwed me up. I cut out sugar, gluten and dairy a long time ago and it helped immensely. I drink green juices and smoothies for energy and clearing the foggy head. I love basil and herbs and use them to heighten the taste of food – and they are epstein barr killers (I have it) so I use natural herbs to kill the pathogens.

I stay away from caffeine. It makes me panicky and sweaty.

I drink tons of water.

But these things don’t work for everybody. I developed a blueprint for my diagnosis and help other female biz owners do the same with their diagnosis.

Schedule your breakthrough call, so you can stop guessing your protocol. Talk to an expert. Someone who’s been in your shoes and knows how to get you from point A to point B without 15 detours.

I’m a Women’s Fitness Specialist and I just hired a trainer

What’s that? FEAR! Can you hear it?  Fear is knocking on my front door.  Tracking calories to make sure I’m receiving the right amount of fat, protein and carbs? TRACKING FOOD is a trigger for me.  I spent TOO long tracking calories and making sure I was getting the least amount as possible.  BUT it’s been almost 5 years since I struggled with food and I think it’s time to switch it up.

You read the headline right. I AM A WOMEN’S FITNESS SPECIALIST and YES, I HIRED A TRAINER!!

We are going to work together for four weeks.  Here’s my training schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7-8AM + once a week on my own for 4 weeks.

Tracking my nutrition + adjusting as needed.

My goals for hiring a trainer, this is what I told him.

  • I want to wear daisy dukes.

  • I want full ankle mobility.

  • I want to feel strong + toned.

  • I don’t want to lose any weight.

  • I am okay with gaining a few pounds as long as I can feel confident in my summer shorts.

He laughed.

I laughed.

And then I said, “But I’m serious.” He laughed again and replied, “I know.”

I’ll share my progress with you. Pics, measurements, food, fitness, everything.

4 week transformation here we come!!

I start next week.

Pray for me. Send me healing vibes. Send me strength to keep going when I want to quit. Send me a swift kick in the pants. Send me love. I’ll send it all right back.

Fit Girl Mind + Body,


How to lose weight if you’re a yogi

I’ve been a yogi for 8 years.  Almost an entire decade of my life has been filled with classes, students, teachers, workshops, retreats, trainings + yoga events.

My first yoga class was in Anchorage, Alaska with my aunt + uncle.  We had mats in front of the TV as we watched Karen Voight (think that was her name), twist and turn.  After 60 minutes of yoga holds, deep breathing exercises and a long savasana, I was hooked.

While living in Alaska, I was walking 60 minutes every day and practicing yoga 3-5 times a week.  I didn’t know much about nutrition.  In fact, I remember having cheerios with milk for breakfast.  I ate VERY small meals – thought that was the only way for a girl like me to lose weight.

After a month of soul filling days in Anchorage, I came back to Seattle + immersed myself into the yoga scene.  I was a nanny during the day, a Bikram yogi at night – 5 days a week.  A partier on the weekends.  After an entire year of rinse + repeat (literally), I started getting really sick all the time.


My diet during that time:


Chai tea with powerbar


Don’t remember having one


A few goldfish crackers from the girls I nannied.


Veggie patty with spinach


I thought that restriction was the only way I’d be able to stay at my dream weight.

After a heart break involving an ex-boyfriend and a former friend, I bought a one way ticket to Thailand.  I spent 8 months teaching + traveling in SE Asia.  I asked around to find yoga in every small village/city where I taught in Thailand.  I’d take a bus to find a class in Vietnam, asked the locals while acting out yoga poses in Bangkok + Bali + found beautiful earthy studios.  While I didn’t understand the language, I started to notice how the only thing I needed was the ability to breathe.

Immediately after returning home from my grand adventure, I moved to Seattle where I spent the last 6 years learning, taking + teaching everything yoga.

4 years ago, I was confused about health.  I was a candy freak.  I drank caffeine even though it made me feel like I was going to have a heart attack.  I wasn’t sleeping.  I was gaining weight, but I couldn’t figure it out!!!

I was walking up to 6 miles a day, taking 1-2 power vinyasa yoga classes + confiding in close friends about how I wasn’t able to lose any weight + how sad it made me.

I decided to get really real with myself.  I had a problem.  A secret. An eating disorder. I had no idea what the fuck to eat. I saw myself as a large woman when I looked into the mirror. I viewed myself as a failure because I could never follow through with a plan or a diet. I beat myself up about my lack of control.


“Eat good during the day, eat ice cream + cookies at night.”


4 years ago I wanted to learn about food, nutrition, energy, fuel, recipes that actually tasted good.  I wanted to learn how to ditch the extremist mentality + forgive myself for my lack of follow through, when really diets are set up to make people like me fail.  And fail hard.  Diets make you feel totally worthless, like you don’t deserve to lose weight.

I remember losing 5, gaining 10, losing 10 and gaining 5.  From 16 to 26 I battled.  I didn’t know any better.


I eased up. I let go. I started listening to my body. 

I felt tired – so I ate less carbs.

I was thirsty – I drank more water, no more caffeine.

I was low – I needed food that would give me fuel, so I researched.

I wanted a healthy glow – I ate more veggies, less processed foods.


I no longer wanted to struggle with my weight – I figured out what would work for me.  The be kind to myself plan.


Seeing others struggle with the same issues I struggled with for a decade gave me the fire to become a Health Coach.  Yoga peeps come in ALL shapes + sizes.


If you want to lose weight, ask yourself these three questions:


1. What will happen when I lose the weight?

2. What are my top motivators for wanting to lose weight?

3. Do I love myself because of my weight?


I love you. I love you for reading this. I love you because you are probably just like me. Wanting to break free of the suckiness that is a diet.