THE UNBREAKABLE BOND: The Break Free Retreat

How would you feel if you walked into a weekend where you knew no one? Fearful? Anxious? Excited?

4 days ago I led my FOURTH sold out retreat with women from all over the nation.

A magical thing took place…something I’ve been dreaming of, hoping for and intentionally creating since I started leading retreats: these women became sisters. Soul mates. 

Each beautiful soul from a completely different background, all trying to overcome obstacles that have kept them from living out their dreams.

I wish I took a picture of each woman as they entered the lodge on day one. Some were scared, anxious, fearful and trepidatious about what was to come.

Their vices taken away: alcohol, mind numbing TV and a chip basket to talk around.

They had to be themselves. Almost no one knew one another when they booked the retreat. I think only two of them knew each other before the retreat.

But on day three, when they left through those doors…WOW! Glowing faces, laughter, big squeezing hugs and tears in their eyes as they departed.

Pictures by: Nicole Carter

This was the most life changing moment when I read them their answers to this question:

What do you want to BREAK FREE from?

My character defect of not putting myself first – I need to be my number ONE priority in my life right now.

The need to people please. 

The need for acceptance from others.

How to manage stresses in life and how to not get stuck in ruts.

Getting out of comfort zone.

Depression and poor self-care.

I have a lot of anxiety, all of the time.

I am constantly second guessing myself, especially since becoming a mother.

I tend to be obsessive about how I present myself to others. I’d love to just let go of the self-limiting belief that I need the approvals of others in order to be happy. Also, my vision of success and how much stress that puts on me.

I want to break free from being stuck, unfulfilled and just not genuinely happy in my life. I want to find my greater purpose in life, pursue it, reach great fulfillment and pure happiness.

More confidence in the workplace!

I want to break free from the anger I have that won’t allow me to make deeper connections.

Self-doubt & Fear

My bad habits and lack of confidence. I have blocks around money and building MY business.

I focus a lot on my jobs, but I am not being compensated for my worth. I struggle financially and with keeping my own steady habits for wellness.

I want to break free from myself in a way.

Fear – my own insecurities (known and unknown/subconscious).

I want to BREAK FREE from the old me.  The quiet, second guessing, let someone else go first me.  I want to become the speak up first, stand up for herself and her ideas me, who stands confident in her experiences and trusts herself and respects herself and takes herself seriously – so much so that she is her own #1 supporter, and people around her can’t help but join in as well!

Every single day, every workshop, every meal was on purpose.

We ate anti – inflammatory foods so our minds would be clear.

We sweat in barre and dance class so we’d feel refreshed and energetic.

We had the Break Free Workshop to release trapped trauma.

We broke free in the Improv Workshop to surprise ourselves with how good it feels to laugh and trust our wildly spot on instinct.

The retreat was the beginning, the kick off to a much larger, more in – depth program starting in January 2019.

The 6 Month Break Free Program.

The Break Free Retreat is over, but the transformations are just beginning.

Application only:

5 Months Post C-Section Supplements I take & Why

Over the last 4 and a half months, this whole recovery thing has been a game of trial and error.

Some supplements made me feel like crap, Bode’s tummy couldn’t handle them or I felt flushed and had to remove them immediately.

These are the bad boys that are helping regenerate my digestive tract and give me the energy boost needed without continuous sleep.

I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, but I am a Detox + Fitness Specialist, Holistic Health Coach and proud cesarean labor survivor.

Here are my tools for revival, besides a 50/50 raw/cooked/veganish diet, walks and gentle yoga.

If you’re curious about what your body needs to thrive, schedule your complimentary discovery call or just email

6 weeks post c-section

17 pounds down + counting
17 pounds down + counting


I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve googled “why do newborns…”

This is especially nerve wracking when you’ve fed the baby, changed his diaper, burped him and made sure he wasn’t too hot or too cold.

Gas and a stuffed nose? Didn’t even think about it.

There’s been a few nights, Bode has filled our ears with 3 hours of bone chilling screams, a huge burp and then nothing but smiles.  #phew

Then the crying starts again.  Stuffy nose!  Get the nasal aspirator. He really hates us when we use this.  Poor buddy.

This scenario is a snippet of what we and every other parent endures with their first child.  

We are clueless.  It’s a complete guessing game of, “what should we do?”  We are doing okay, mostly thanks to my Mom who is the expert in calming our baby and our nerves while slowly shuffle walking while we all regain our sanity. #godsend


So, 6 weeks post childbirth and I am FINALLY feeling somewhat like myself. I know myself and while I don’t have Post Partum Depression, I can say, there have been days where I am crying about the lack of sleep, our old life and how I can’t wait to lose this extra weight.

But most importantly, I can’t wait to feel good again.

If you’ve had a C-Section, you’ll feel me on trying to remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint.  Yes, our bodies are amazing (moms remind me ALL the time)! AND YES, a human came out through my stomach, (I KNOW, UNBELIEVABLE), but I can’t help but feel pissed at my body.

“I trained you, I worked you out, I fed you nourishing foods and you betrayed me.”

Feels so good to write again and admit that I feel betrayed by my body.

It’s this whole mind//body//connection thing, except I feel like my body and mind didn’t connect throughout labor and it’s taken me 6 weeks to accept it. 

This is what I call a “cleansing process,” and I see much more emotional healing over the next few weeks.

I have researched day in and day out about babies and moms post c-section, I joined Facebook support groups to not feel so alone in this process and it’s helped.  I’ve even asked family members if they have friends who’ve had C-sections and if I can reach out to them to know that what I’m going through is “normal.”

I’m reminded about MY path, MY journey, MY experience and that it will be like no one else’s.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

It’s true! I’ve read about women running 4-6 miles within the first few weeks post c-section.

In my experience, week 3 was the toughest! For a full week, I dug my nails into my leg as a diversion to the agonizing, burning pain to walk from my bed to the bathroom. I would’ve cried, but it hurt my stitches too much.

I went a full week without narcotics, only to regret it and need to take them longer.

And here I am, week 6, wearing mascara and blush again and feeling a helluva lot better!!!

I can’t wait to help new mama’s going through the same experience. I now have a very special place in my heart for women who’ve gone through the whole pushing process and ended in an emergency c-section. 

People have told me that weeks 6-8 are game changers.

Time heals. Lesson learned. Here’s my never ending reward.