Praise from Clients


Thank you @jj.muenz for designing programs that ACTIVATE and light our souls on fire! ✨✨✨ GROW FLOW REFUEL REPEAT.

- Jess

testimonial krystal

Heidi C.

"I attended J’s Break Free Retreat and got so much out of it. I realized the importance of putting myself not only on the list, but high on the list, taking time out to invest in me and implementing ongoing self-care.

I had always invested in everything outside of myself… seldom carved time out to regularly serve and care for me. After years of this same pattern, it resulted in me losing an important part of myself… I lost my identity.

After reading about J’s Mastermind program (feeling it was right, but hesitant to sign up), the voices were telling me… it’s TIME, to INVEST, in YOU! I signed up and never looked back. I believe in J, adore her, and her Mastermind program is an integral part of my personal growth and overall success."

Anne Farrens

“I initially enrolled in J’s 90 day coaching program to establish better eating and exercise habits. As we began working together, I felt more and comfortable sharing struggles, hopes, and dreams that pertained to my life as a whole, way beyond diet and exercise. She listened in such a compassionate and safe manner that I started baring my soul on a very raw and real level.

She gently encouraged me with ideas on how to work on some issues, and at the same time gave me enough tough love that I didn’t quit when things got uncomfortable. Because of J, I am working to heal past traumas with professional help, and working on my emotional health vs just the physical.

This year, J gave me the motivation and support to follow one of my biggest dreams, which was to start my own business. Retreat Drinks incorporated in May of 2019, and has been so successful that I’ve hired a full time Director of Operations and secured a production facility within three months of building a business from scratch out of my home. J has been one of my biggest cheerleaders throughout this process and I know she will stand behind me as I continue to grow, both personally and professionally. She will TRULY help you Activate Your Gifts, and love you through the process.”

Gina Pjiker

“LOVED the summer detox plan! My learning curve was high, so I’d like to do it again before the end of the year now that I know a few more things. Thank you for introducing me to tahini, hemp seeds, raw cacao, Morning Elixir water, body brushing, tongue scraping, and all the yummy new recipes that I’m putting in my menu rotation! I got rid of 8 lbs in 14 days, so great to have knowledge about my own body and to love myself enough to take the time to feed myself amazing clean food, and make time for exercise and mental breaks. THANK YOU J!!! ”

Penny Johnson

“I think of you as sunny side up. At the same time there is a lot going on below the surface. I think you work really hard and are very thoughtful in your presence and approach to today and the future. You generate and reflect a lot of joy. People want to be around you. On the other hand I believe you are receptive to what others want to give you. You, dear J are greater than the sum of your parts. Keep glowing!”

Rosie Rutt

“This helps so much! I am killing it already lol!! You were right I was already 4lbs. in one week! Down in the morning and I can’t wait to weigh myself tomorrow! Wow I can’t believe I just said that! I have been soo healthy and I feel great! Thank you for the food tips it really helps. So much of that I would not have thought of especially the Snack tips! I am drinking nothing but water, tea and only had one cup of drip coffee this morning with my coconut milk in it! I had a quest bar for a snack today and some lean meat and breakfast I had a thrive shake which is all vitamins and for dinner sweet potatoes and zucchini and homade turkey meat balls with onions in them! Also I made my own marinara sauce to go over the meatballs so I could control the sugar and ingredients in it!! Thank you again! You are my lifesaver!”

Selima Berisha

“J’s positive attitude is infectious. It is what gets me up and moving on those days that I don’t feel like working out. Whether it’s a private session or with a group, she is present and personable. Her classes are challenging and fun, as laughter is almost always guaranteed! My body leaves her feeling just the right amount of used while my mind leaves feeling refreshed and energized. To top it all off, she asks questions and listens and remembers....she is compassionate and most importantly she truly cares.”

“J is truly a beautiful person - inside and out. She is genuine, real, and compassionate. She cares about her clients. She takes the time to listen with empathy and honesty. Her personality is contagious, and she makes everything (including running stairs!) fun. She is your personal cheerleader. Her spring retreat 2015 was an incredible and refreshing weekend full of laughter, fitness, relaxing, friendship, and amazing meals. I absolutely cannot wait for the next one. Her booty barre classes make you shake and feel the burn, her yoga classes are inspiring, and J always has an awesome playlist for every class.

Thank you so much, J, for sharing your light and love in everything that you do and with everyone around you.”

Courtney Fischer

“Such an awesome and talented Fitness Instructor. This girl is so warm and welcoming and will get you in the best shape of your life! Go see her!!!”

“J is someone who brings a balanced approach to her work - she has the knowledge and training to promote real change and she has the personality to make it a fun process. When you go to her events she is always there with a plan of action and a smile. A unique combo that turns what could be a major challenge, into something light and fun that you want to continue!”

Shauna Brown

“I can already feel life getting lighter and lighter – and it feels good. I feel free. Need to stay on this track!! I just wanted to really send you a thank you (for real) because if not for you, I think I would be in a funk and not sure how to get out of it. But your guidance and positive attitude has really helped me to keep moving in the direction that will end in good things. You are the best at what you do – and I am not sure that with you in my corner, I would be able to fail, even if I wanted to.”

Kristin White

"Loved working with you J! I lost 10 pounds! I don't think you could have included anything more than the 1:1 sessions. By the time we got to 90 days, I really felt like I finally had a handle on why I wasn't losing my baby weight and was able to get to point within the first 30-60 days where I wanted to eat better."

Jess Bredow

“After seeing a handful of doctors for recent health issues and was provided with no answers I sought out J. I was “diagnosed” by doctors that I had “chronic hives” and that I needed to learn to live with it. I was not only physically drained but also mentally exhausted. J helped me pin point underlying health concerns and what I appreciated most- she kept it real. She understands that you don’t have to take extremes and that you need to live life - enjoy things that make you happy (wine, and chocolate in particular!). It’s all in moderation and balance. I not only received great coaching and support but also built a friendship. I lost a total of 18 pounds in less than 90 days, by clean eating, exercising, and taking time for myself… but it wouldn’t be possible without her inspiration. I remind myself that a number [on the scale] is just a number, it’s the lifestyle that J has helped me create that is most valued.”

Ashley Harpel

“She will change your life! One of the most positive, up beat, caring, funny & inspirational ladies I know!”

“I just want to say thank you. This was way easier than I expected and mostly I’m not missing anything, which makes me think I can sustain this, with a few indulgences from time to time. Bread and dairy seem to be a struggle right now but I’ll go easy and if they aren’t for me, they aren’t for me. I’m on the road to finding out if lupus or something similar is causing me pain and while my pain hasn’t eased my energy is high after this and it is making life bearable. Thank you so much.”
— Kathryn

“I feel much happier since I’ve been seeing you for 4 weeks. I am eating more snacks and even showed my family some yoga moves we did during our session. I am standing up for myself and with your coaching, realized that I create my own happiness.”
— Lauren C.

“My awesome health coach says move, eat healthy and yummy food and don’t stress when you eat the cupcake, just enjoy it!”— Maria E.

“I see much success with the KISS Program! Went to Mexican and didn’t eat chips, if that’s not a win I don’t know what is! When you eat like this you are eating the right amount of food, not calorie counting. Plus, I really think adding more oils has helped my digestion.”— Elana B.

“Since you got me started with my nutrition two years ago, along with regular workouts at LA Fitness, I have lost 25 pounds. My doctor has reduced my meds and even eliminated a couple of them. My body is stronger and my clothes fit better. Thanks to you JJ for saving my life.”— Steve M. ***UPDATE: now 50 pounds lighter

“There are some moves you make in life that you know instantly were the tipping point for major positive change, and getting J on board as my health coach was one of those moves. In an effort to start the new year off right, I decided I deserved to get in the best shape of my life and emailed J for a full health coaching session. Unfortunately, I’d had several past failed attempts at finding a health coach that really took my health goals seriously; it’s fair to say that I’d met ones that frankly didn’t hold themselves accountable to what they promised to deliver. I met J at a class she taught and loved the positive, friendly and genuine vibe she has. After only a few health coaching sessions, I can sincerely say that J meets you where you’re at in an upbeat and motivating way, shows up in body and spirit for your sessions (whether in person or email) and genuinely cares. Her health coaching sessions are personalized and it’s clear she’s got a knack for knowing what’s going to keep you going. I always feel like she’s in my corner and rooting for me to meet all of my goals, health and otherwise! Definitely a must to work with J.”
— Maria Jezreel Escobar

“In two weeks with counting calories and choosing to eat healthier I have lost 8.4 lbs.!!!! (From Sept. 23, 2014 to Oct 7th, 2014) Yippeeeee!”
— Darlene I.

“J has a heart of gold that is made for bringing happiness to all those whom encounter her. She is dedicated in her work, but maintains and approachable demeanor as a teacher. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a teacher who can build relationships with students, and make a difference in people’s lives.”
— Alysha Greig

“I feel great today. Want to get healthy too and feel like a BILLION dollars? Check this out. My health counselor J Mauss. She is the best of the best. ”
— Anthony Gomez