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Hi Friend,

If you're anything like I used to be, then you've accomplished great things in your life, but you're still wondering why you feel empty, sad or basic things feel hard.

You know you should be grateful for the life you've been given, but you're constantly searching for joy.

Being a wife and mom and having a career is great, but there's something deeper that you've always been searching for.

It's like you have this hole you're trying to fill with retail therapy, emotional eating, having one too many glasses of wine every night, (or... insert your vice).

You have an idea of what you'd love to do, and something inside of you says, "go girl, do it, jump in," but you get scared and go back to the way you've always done things.

You're in the right place

(by like 100%).

I know what it feels like to (job hop) and hope that someone is going to magically appear with the perfect job opportunity...

I know what it's like to not know what you're supposed to do next.

I know that feeling of KNOWING you have that "thing" but aren't sure how to bring it to surface.

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Be honest, girl...

  • Do you keep your gifts hidden because you're scared of being seen?
  • Do you have any idea what your gifts are?
  • Do you know the power of your gifts?
  • Do you have a feeling that basically Oprah wants to come through?

You have the choice to change everything.

Let me tell you about a gal I worked with...

She was working at a job that was very demanding, stressful and sucked the life out of her - she felt indebted to the company and was constantly over-giving.

On her way home, before she walked through the door, she had to take a deep breath to step into her second full-time job...doing the laundry, making dinner, taking care of her spouse and her kids.

She felt alone in her marriage and that she wasn't getting the support and she'd often think to herself, "this is not what I signed up for!"

At night before going to bed, wine and chocolate was her only comfort and every day she told herself she'd get out of this cycle... but the truth was she didn't know how.

That's where I come in... guns blazing!

The first thing we did was figure out what hole she was trying to fill and she had the realization that what she was doing was never going to resolve that cycle.

Then I took her through my activation process where she finally got to see herself and the brilliant gifts she was naturally doing already and how she could use those gifts to completely change everything.

By the time we were done transforming that toxic cycle, she had quit her job and started her own company, her husband was stepping up and giving her the support she needed to take time for herself again.

She could finally breathe freely without feeling like a stiff board trapped in a straight jacket.

She found that spark again, her habits changed and went down a dress size without "dieting."

The funny thing is before we got started she felt like she had no power to change her circumstances at all.

That's why you need someone who's going to see your gifts and activate them.

Now I want YOU to remember a time when you were totally lit up and hours passed without awareness... that's where we're going together.

It's time to start living from your gifts...

This Deep Activation is Designed to help you:

  • activate the gifts you were born with so you can start using them every day
  • step into your strengths and your power so that you can start living from your true authentic self, instead of the tiny shell you hide in to keep playing small.
  • hone in on ONE single thing you want to accomplish, instead of overwhelming yourself by trying to do everything at the same time.
  • get results fast, so that you don't spend the next 10 years trying to do it on your own...
  • create an action plan so you don't have to figure it out after we're done with our session.

You will activate your gifts, know your purpose and start building a life around it!

If anyone understands you, it's me...

Basically I spent decades trying to figure out what the hell to do with my life.

I can't even tell you how many jobs and certifications I tried because I never really fit in anywhere.

I kept hoping that someone would knock on my front door and lay a "this is what you should be doing" piece of paper and I'd open the door (obviously excited) and get to work!

No one left anything and I continued down this path of confusion, dead ends and deep sadness.

Not knowing your life's purpose feels like you're chasing a dangling carrot.

But one thing I knew for sure.

I never settled.

In anything.



And I'd be a monkey's uncle if I was going to allow my gift to go to waste.

So the gift journey began.

I stopped listening to everyone else and I started tuning in to my intuition.

Today, I lead sold out retreats, private coaching, masterminding and this - the deep activation.

Most people call me a visionary, a gift activator and the majority of women I encounter say I have a softness that they feel immediately comfortable around.

I love my life and I'm thrilled that you're here.

J Muenz

Why I created the Deep Activation...

I created this course from a sold out retreat I led in 2019 called, "Activate Your Gifts." I led a 2.5 hour intimate workshop with 20 women in an 8,000 square foot mansion and saw immediate expansion and awareness. Two weeks following the retreat I received email after email about total transformation and they wanted even more. That's when I created the Deep Activation...

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"My A-HA moment during the Deep Activation was when J told me I could just say I was a writer, artist. It was almost like giving me the permission I needed. Another A-HA was the 'recalibration' of my body. It was enlightening."

Copy of gift activation + strengths

Get started right away with these four videos!

Let the gift revealing begin with connecting to your breath, clearing out the toxic thoughts and getting clear on who you are and what gifts you bring to the world. As soon as you enroll, you'll be jumpstarted with these four videos:

  • VIDEO ONE: How to access your gift through the breath
  • VIDEO TWO: Clear the muck to get the clarity you desire
  • VIDEO THREE: Get rid of the title you have now and give yourself a new one
  • VIDEO FOUR: Move your body to wake up your sleepy parts (even more expansion in Module 1!)

The Deep Activation:


Activate the Sleepy Parts Within (they usually hold the answer)

Now that the activation has begun with the fun stuff you've already completed, let's talk about taking those activations and truly stepping into them. What is the one thing you've chosen to be totally focused on for an entire month? Let's create the roadmap to get you there...and fast. This will be easy because you are so laser beam focused on one single thing.

Module 2:

Step into Your Activations, your Strengths and your Talents

As you continue to activate and step into your gifts, you'll notice other parts of you that need to be activated. Let it happen. This is where we start to implement the plan and weave the journey into our life. 

You'll be getting into fast action, like Kiki did on month one when we created and launched her course which took her from $2K to 6K.

Or like Crystal who left an unfulfilling, but high paying job to apply for her dream job - got it with a pay increase and cut her commute by an hour.

Module 3:

Learn how to use Fear for your Higher Purpose

You've done so much emotional work, you've dug deep and peeled layer after layer and now it's time to truly start showing up as the real you.

Every day. (All the damn time). Not just for appearances or social gatherings.

You'll learn how to assert yourself as the powerful woman you are.

I'm going to show you how to use fear as a driving force to get what you want.

Just like Jenna who was so afraid to lead her first retreat, but after we shifted her fear into momentum, she not only sold it out, but added more spots because of the demand!

No matter what your biggest dreams are, this is where we make them happen. We take action immediately! (they don't call me the Gift Activator for nothin'!)

Module 4:

Let it flow through you, not From You

You already know you're a rockstar by now, so how do we continue that mindset?

You keep going until you've reached your next level.

You've activated, you've stepped into the flow, now it's time to go all the way.

Module 5:

How to Make Money Doing what You love

Think mindset has nothing to do with how much money you make?

Think again.

Let's get you into the mental space that you need to be in to attract opportunities.

Dive into the money making manifestation energy.

Module 6:

Presenting yourself in the truest and most alluring way to attract the right people

In my decade-long modeling and acting experience, I'm teaching you what I learned...

I learned how to pose, how to smile, (but not too big) to bring life into my eyes to connect to the camera...

how to not feel like an idiot while doing idiot-like things, how to show up acting like you've been doing the job your entire life, how to turn nerves into excitement, how to steady my breathing to appear relaxed, calm and sure of myself.

Module 7:

The Major components of money manifestation

I went a little personal in this one... revealed a few truths about the difficulties of marriage/relationships and how they can play a major part of blocking your manifesting powers and what other personal issues might be getting in the way of allowing the flow of opportunities to find your doorstep.


I'll take you through what happened when I surrendered to spiritual guidance and support and how in the matter of 15 minutes everything changed for me and can change for you too.

Module 8:

Easy Remedies and Mindset Exercises for Anxiety, Fear and Overwhelm as you Upgrade Your Vibrational Frequency


A few examples on where anxiety snuck into my life and tried to stick her talons into my dreams, until I realized that I'm the only one that can move through them.


Step into the energy and frequency of courage and love in this video training so fear and overwhelm don't rule your life and sabotage your desires

Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin


"After the Deep Activation, I realized that when you reach a point that you are making a decision because you want too, not because you need too, you reach success."

UPDATE: Nicole resigned from her corporate job, started her own biz and just invoiced her second client more than $6,000!

J Muenz


Meet Your Gift Activation Coach!

Certified Detox Specialist, Hypnotherapist, Health Coach, Happiness Life Coach

I activate gifts within you, so that you can have the relationship, career and body of your dreams.

7 years ago I started my business as a certified health coach. I helped women lose 10-20 pounds in less than 90 days, but I noticed a theme within all my clients.

They were doing more than losing weight. They were shedding layer after layer of disbelief and self sabotage.

I knew more people needed this, so I started leading retreats. The first one sold out, so did the second, the third, fourth and fifth. Not only were these women having breakthroughs, they were decreasing inflammation, crafting their ideal lifestyles and they started making money.

That was the most surprising and I should've known. My bank account started to explode in abundance and I was doing what I loved.

Today I teach others how to find their gifts so they can start fulfilling their life's purpose!

Anne Farrens, Retreat Drinks Owner
Anne Farrens, Retreat Drinks Owner


"My most powerful moment during the Deep Activation was trusting my own intuition & gut. I realized I have more in common with other women than differences."

UPDATE: Anne took her part-time biz full-time and hired 3 full-time employees, got a production facility and is now in stores!

This is for you if:

  • you've spent years trying to figure out who you are and what you're supposed to do and you're ready to end that struggle to live that epic life you know you're meant to
  • you are ready for letting go of who you think you need to be (and start revealing the real you --- who knows her purpose and lives it unapologetically!)
  • you're so over being stuck and seeing other people have a great life and you've finally found the courage to step the hell up and put your money where your mouth is, (you keep saying you want it all... right?)
  • you're a bad ass, fierce woman who doesn't let time, money or B.S. beliefs get in the way of investing in herself

This is NOT for you if:

  • you already know your gifts and your life's purpose and live it to the fullest (keep goin' girl!)
  • you re-schedule sessions/appointments constantly and are typically late (this is full immersion, we ain't got time for your shenanigans!)
  • You're stuck in the belief that you have no options, that you can't change the life you have and you're a victim to circumstance (you're right, if you're thinking that way, there's nothing I can do to help you).
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Your Deep Activation Includes:


  • Four activation videos delivered as soon as you say yes, so you can feel the power of your purpose being immediately ignited inside of you.
  • Eight powerful modules to hone in on your gifts and hold you accountable to living your purpose and using these gifts in your daily life.

Plus 7 Bonuses! Your Specialized Guide, Trainings and Interviews worth more than $1,400!

Bonus One: ($150 Value!)

  • The Gift Activating Guide. You can follow along each module with ease and excitement because that's what this process is all about. You'll have journal prompts that'll encourage you to think and act bigger. 

Bonus Interview #1: ($100 Value!)

with Sherine Stephanie, Social Media Strategist
Learn all the social media tips to make your brand stand out!

Bonus Interview #2: ($100 Value!)

with Angie Garner, Author of Amazon's Best Selling book, "Time Millionaire,"
where Angie teaches you how to become the expert of follow through!

Bonus Training Video #1: ($200 Value!)

Become an Energetic Match for Attracting Your Desires

Bonus Training Video #2: ($200 Value!)

Tips and techniques to protect your energy and build your coaching muscle

Bonus Training Video #3: ($200 Value!)

Getting into the energy of sales and writing your customer protocol

Bonus Training Video #4: ($500 Value!)

Start a business legally (best tips for a small business from a highly sought out lawyer specializing in the online space!)

Copy of gift activation + strengths (4)

I want to work with you 1:1, what's the next step?

I don't offer single sessions, but I do offer other programs, like Magnetic Energy , Queen of Certainty (+ about 20 other ones!) If you're looking for higher-level mentorship, I invite you to dive into Untapped.


"I'm really busy, should I sign up for this activation?"

Real talk. This excuse is probably why you're in the situation that you're in. Here's a tip: Don't say, "I'm really busy," instead say, "it's not a priority."


Are refunds available?

No. My time is not refundable and neither is yours. I'm going to teach you how to value your time and expertise, just like I do. All payments are final.


Any more questions? 


What's it like to work with me?

“JJ helped me have a different perspective on my business and stepping into charging what I deserve to instead of what people can afford.” - Deanna P., Massage Therapist


“J doesn’t hesitate to jump right in, to put in the actual work in the immediate term, instead of putting it off. You’re forced to look inward and root cause the reasons you’re feeling a lack of clarity. However, she taught me that looking inward and calling things out for what they are is the first step in learning more about yourself and to create a path towards feeling joy, love, compassion, and fun every day.” - Gabie M., Amazon Manager


“We did it! We put an offer on our dream house… 4 years early and we got the house!! I wouldn’t have been able to do this last year with all the stress and anxiety. Your Mastermind program is paying off for me in so many ways.” - Heather, Entrepreneur


"It was a complete mental shift, and she helped me learn how to use my voice. It’s an experience that keeps on giving, because even though I have graduated her program, I am still getting results!” Cheryl Ross, Entrepreneur


“My income increased dramatically! I went from making around $2,000 to $6,000 while working with you. Last month I made $8,000! Once I started focusing and putting effort into the right things, everything fell into place.”

 - Kirsten C., Wedding Planner and Course Creator

Remember, during your Deep Activation, you'll receive:

    • Immediate access to the Four activation videos delivered as soon as you say yes, so you can feel the power of your purpose being immediately ignited inside of you.
    • Eight powerful modules to hone in on your gifts and hold you accountable to living your purpose and using these gifts in your daily life.
    • and bonus activation guide.


women have paid more than $3,000+ for this program!

but if you enroll now...

the deep activation is one easy payment of $197!


Soul Sis,

If you've been waiting for a message from the universe, this is it! You are here to release any tension you hold in your body. You are here to let your bright light shine!

I want you to feel like the powerful, strong and feminine woman you are, not the woman society wants you to be. Find your inner wisdom, connect to your intuition and witness the magic of deeply activating.

I am in your corner. I am rooting for you. Do not spend one more minute thinking you are not worth it.

To Your Gifts,


by enrolling in this activation, you are agreeing to my terms + conditions