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By the end of 8 weeks together, you'll tap into the magic of Money flow—you'll attract crazy amounts of abundance "out of nowhere" and will be amazed at what you can hold and grow without forcing

Manifesting Queen,

You have multiple gifts to offer your audience... well-thought out programs and ideas that are endless and you've made some SERIOUS coin... BUT, there's a voice inside that isn't allowing the money floating around you to make it's way inside. You've worked your ass off already and eliminated as many scarce beliefs as possible AND there's still magic money to create...


You have what I like to call... wishy washy money energy. 

You love when you have it and aren't really sure how you made it. It's magical. Some months you're hot to trot, money is flyin' in and some months... it feels like the money fairy lost your address. Something else happens, you're not sure how to hold on it once it does come in. It seems like every time you make a little more than you made the month before, an unexpected bill pops up so you hold on a little tighter... 

I know how it feels to put out programs and know in your heart they're badass but not get the feedback you desire. I know how it feels to make crazy amounts of money one month and start at square one the next.

For years I clawed my way to the coveted 6 figure mark... it wasn't pretty. As I write this, the Gifted Woman Brand just crossed $362K in just 8 months while traveling, taking epic road trips, seeing 2-3 clients a couple days a week, detoxing from mold and surviving covid twice.. I can't wait to teach you how easy it can be and what I wish I knew years ago when it comes to manifesting multiple streams of money.

Here's my story...

I was a health coach, becoming well-known with TV appearances and radio interviews when I felt the nudge to shift into what I'd been doing the whole time... activating gifts.

When I realized that health coaching was no longer utilizing my gifts to my full potential, it scared me because who TF was I if I wasn't the expert in helping women lose weight?!

I was so comfortable in my niche and things were really taking off.  I was told from a well-known strategist that my weight loss program was a million dollar brand. The timing felt off to pivot, but I knew that I was meant to be doing something even bigger...

I had this untapped gift that was being blocked because I didn't trust myself to go even bigger than ever before.

But what I couldn't see is that trusting myself to bring out more of who I truly am... was the missing key to my success. After I honored that version of myself who was gnawing at me to let her out, I hit multiple 6 figures with ease in my new niche.

Now I teach women how to open up to the gift of money while activating their gifts.

Enter the Gift of Money Experience...

This is the container where bold, driven women step up to the plate to decide that receiving less than what they're worth is done with... the women that enter this space are open to the magic of money and receiving more than they ever thought possible. They're ready to release old money stories and transform their lifestyle to match their desires. They want results and they want them fast.


In this experience, you'll...

  • reprogram your money stories and beliefs
  • trust yourself to be in constant flow of money
  • observe your thoughts about money and fill leaks
  • tap into the truth of your relationship with money
  • understand and utilize the law of attraction 
  • create multiple offers for multiple revenue streams
  • embed energy practices for continual cashflow

Here's how it works...

The Gift of Money is an 8-Week Group Program that starts September 19th. 

In the Gift of Money, you'll have 8 modules to open up your wealth streams:

  • Module 1:   The Energy of Law of Attraction

  • Module 2:   Tap Into the Truth of Wealth

  • Module 3:   Cutting Old Energy Cords

  • Module 4:   Observing Money Flow + Money Expansion

  • Module 5:   What to Do When Money Isn't Flowing

  • Module 6:  Creating Multiple Offers from your Gifts

  • Module 7:  Residual Income

  • Module 8:   Energy Practice for Money Flow

Every Monday, you'll receive a new activation to watch before our group sessions.

Every Wednesday, there's LIVE group coaching support.

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Here's what you'll get...

  • 8 Gift of Money Modules you can watch/listen to by video or podcast!
  • 8 Pre-Recorded Gift of Money Coaching Sessions 
  • Lifetime Access to updates + new modules 


  • Magnetic Energy Program ($300 value!)
  • 25+ Gift of Energy Journaling Prompts to Enhance Your Attracting Capabilities ($250+ value!)

This is for you if:

  • You're serious about changing your relationship with energy
  • You're ready to end the constant cycle of attracting without holding and growing
  • You want money manifestation techniques that work

This is not for you if:

  • you're resistant to doing energy work or sacred practices ("been there, done that" attitude)
  • you're looking for private coaching 
  • you're looking for a savior/co-dependent coach


The Investment...

When I tapped into my voice, that's when my business grew rapidly. When I gave myself the freedom to do business how I wanted, I quadrupled my income.

I made the decision from where I wanted to be instead of where I was.

As you're tuning into this container, connect with how you want to feel in 8 weeks.

Your Investment:

$1,111 or $777 x 2

You're never behind and never too late to begin.


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