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Bring Your Inner Fire + Healing Magic together so that You can Experience Wealth Creation + Total Vocal Activation in 9 Months...

Hi Powerful Woman,

You've done the programs, taken the courses and you're ready for deep-soul level work that goes far beyond strategy and step-by-step protocols. Why? Because you know what to do. It's not that. You might've accidentally started sounding like everybody else and that ain't you. But it happens to the best of us... what you WANT, what your soul NEEDS is YOUR VOICE...


Did you know that you have an authentic vibration that you can step into at any moment?

Your unique frequency loves to feel playful, fun and pleasurable and once you unlock the key to this magic box, everything you've been gripping is released.

When you allow yourself to get Untapped, you'll experience:

  • Million dollar energy that you couldn't turn off if you tried

  • Energetic boundaries with those you love the most

  • The ability to speak truthfully and directly (this saves you so much time + people pleasing + undercharging)

  • Your gifts turning into wealth without pressure

I know how it feels to have a light shining bright on you and for it to feel uncomfortable. I've wished for invisibility on nature walks or strolling down the aisles at Target. I also know how it feels to wake up, wear something that feels like F yes and have every head turn...

There's a part of you that wants the million dollar "thing", the spotlight, the notoriety, the VIP treatment...


Here's how I changed from an elusive healer to feeling confident being looked at and being massively compensated for my gifts...

I was a health coach becoming well-known with TV appearances and radio interviews when I felt the nudge to shift into what I'd been doing the whole time... activating gifts.

When I realized that health coaching was no longer using my gifts to the full potential, I knew it was time, but how and when....

I was comfy in my niche and things were taking off.  A well-known strategist said my weight loss program was a million dollar offer. The timing felt off to pivot, but I knew that I was meant to be doing something even bigger...

I had this untapped gift that was being blocked because I didn't trust myself to go bigger than ever before.

But what I couldn't see is that fully moving into trust within myself... was the missing key to the next upgrade, aka more money being even more connected to where my power came from. After I said to myself, "fuck it, let's move," I hit multiple 6 figures with ease.

Now I teach women how to use their authentic voice and find their untapped gifts while developing strong energetic boundaries so that making money and creating million dollar energy feels like you snapped your fingers and say, "I can't believe I get paid to do this!"

Enter the Untapped Experience...

Untapped is for the woman who's ready to do business the priestess way. The women stepping into this container decide their brand, voice and message are worth a million dollars (easy).

You get to be fully you, without worrying what "so and so" will think of you.

In this 9-month mind-blowing experience, you'll...

  • connect to the voice of your soul
  • activate your powerful voice 
  • trust your gifts and use them with full certainty and confidence
  • get intimate and vulnerable with what's preventing you from moving forward so we can clear it together and you'll feel that million dollar energy
  • heal visibility wounds so you can walk into that room, whatever room you choose with the utmost certainty about what you do, how you do it and what makes you the mother fucking best
  • identify the frequency of your voice so you become the law of attraction and go as big, loud and crazy as you want (let the freak flag fly)

Here's how it works...

Untapped is 9 months of private + group coaching, a luxury infused welcome package, branded photo shoot and lifetime access pass to every program in the vault and launched while we're working together.

Plus there's 2 all-inclusive luxury retreats...

Maui, Hawaii (aka the heart of the islands) and Gig Harbor, Washington (the ultimate grounding spot)


Here's what you'll get...

  • Private Monthly Sessions (9 total)
  • 2 All-Inclusive Luxury Retreats (domestic travel)
  • 2 Group Activations
  • Private Voxer Coaching 
  • Group Voxer Support 



  • Untapped Luxury Gift Package ($500+ value!)
  • Private Chef at Retreats ($5K+ value)
  • Branded Photo Shoot ($2K+ value!)
  • Guest Experts (invaluable)
  • ALL PROGRAMS - inside my membership platform is yours! ($15K+ value!)


This is for you if:

  • You're a successful woman on paper and you want more...
  • You have unquenchable desires and dreams and you're just getting started
  • You feel like you should be further along with the time and effort you've already put in
  • You want million dollar energy to follow through on all your ideas
  • You want to feel like it's easy to have what you want instead of following confusing systems and structures
  • You love the feeling of magic money
  • You're making a minimum of 6 figs (or close)

This is not for you if:

  • you're resistant to doing energy work or sacred practices ("been there, done that" attitude)
  • you're in a constant fear state about money (it's never enough!!)
  • you're looking for a savior/co-dependent coach

We're now enrolling for the September class

at a very extended 12 part payment plan

Offered until April 1st 2023

Extended Payment Plan (expires April 1st, 2023)

12 X $2,777

VIP Private Coaching Upgrade...

everything included in regular package AND...

1 more private coaching session EVERY MONTH!

12 X $2,999

The next round of Untapped begins September 2023

extended payment plan available now

Here's what you'll get...

  • Private coaching sessions (either monthly or bi-weekly)
  • 2 all-inclusive luxury retreats (domestic travel)
  • Twice a month small group coaching activations
  • Group Voxer Coaching
  • Private Voxer Coaching 


  • Untapped Luxury Gift Package ($500+ value!)
  • Branded Photo Shoot ($500+ value!)
  • Guest Experts (invaluable)
  • ALL PROGRAMS - inside my membership platform is yours! ($15K+ value!)


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