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It's time to activate the part of you that's been hidden—the icon, the best selling author, the sold out retreat leader, the international public speakerSHE is within you and has been waiting for you to unleash her power, her words and her full voice.

Hi Beautiful,


You're a leader.  A woman who knows the incredible value of journaling, grounding and energetic boundaries. You've listened to audiobooks and you're an implementing queen... but where you keep getting stuck is in expressing your voice and aligning to your authentic vibration. You might not even know what it is...


You have this untapped energy... this voice... this frequency you haven't yet uncovered.

I'm here as living proof to teach you that once you trust yourself to fully express without judgement, self sacrifice and constant need to please people...this happens:

  • You go for that high paying speaking engagement!

  • You create that new mastermind or high-end program!

  • You include the energetic practices in your business + have the courage to teach it!

  • Your audience grows exponentially + with ppl you actually align with!

  • Your sales blow your own mind (serious WTF!? vibes)!

  • You finish the book and get the publishing deal!

I know how it feels to be operating in your gifts...but not to the true potential...

There's a part of you that wants to remain elusive... reserved... private... because I was that girl who was hiding parts of herself from her business and continued keeping up with the "norm" of the coaching industry because I didn't trust myself to be fully seen in my gifts.


Here's my story...

I was a health coach and becoming well-known with TV appearances and radio interviews when I felt the nudge to shift into what I'd been doing the whole time... activating gifts.

When I realized that health coaching was no longer utilizing my gifts to my full potential, it scared me because who TF was I if I wasn't the expert in helping women lose weight?!

I was so comfortable in my niche and things were really starting to take off.  I was told from a well-known strategist that my weight loss program was a million dollar brand. The timing felt off to pivot, but I knew that I was meant to be doing something even bigger...

I had this untapped gift that was being blocked because I didn't trust myself to go even bigger than ever before.

But what I couldn't see is that trusting myself to bring out more of who I truly am... was the missing key to my success. After I honored that version of myself who was gnawing at me to let her out, I hit multiple 6 figures with ease in my new niche.

Now I teach women how to use their voice and find their untapped gifts so that making money and building a business feels playful and pleasurable. I've had a lot of clients say, "I can't believe I get paid to do this!"

Enter the Untapped Experience...

This is the space for women who want to break out of hiding and not give any fucks what people think. Big, bold energy is the vibe.

The woman who knows that at any time is the time to have her most lucrative day because she's in full alignment. She feels gooood.

The woman who's ready to fully connect to the power of her untapped energy to start using her voice to say, "this is who I am and this is why I'm a boss."

In this experience, you'll...

  • connect to the power of your story
  • get clear on your purpose 
  • trust yourself and your gifts will full certainty and confidence
  • get intimate and vulnerable
  • heal visibility wounds to be seen and heard
  • identify the frequency of your voice and start attracting aligned clients easily

Here's how it works...

Untapped is a 6-Month Private Coaching + Intimate Small Group Experience starting in January... that also includes 2 in-person luxury retreats!

Our first retreat is designed to ignite your wealth frequency... it's all about pleasure and play in Palm Springs, California in a gorgeous mansion that'll bring out your desires.

Our second retreat is more soulful and includes earth medicine, fire dancing and drums to ignite the Untapped version of you.

Here's what you'll get...

  • Twice a month private coaching sessions to go deep on expanding your specific gifts, voice frequency and customized healing transmissions
  • 2 all-inclusive luxury retreats (domestic travel)
  • Once a month intimate group trainings focusing on energy expansion, wound healing and wealth 
  • Private Voxer Coaching 
  • Group Voxer Support 


  • Untapped Luxury Gift Package ($500+ value!)
  • Magnetic Energy Program ($300 value!)
  • Branded Photo Shoot ($500+ value!)
  • Guest Experts (invaluable)
  • ALL PROGRAMS - inside my membership platform is yours! ($15K+ value!)


This is for you if:

  • You've reached a level of success and know there's so much more under the surface
  • You're ready to end the constant cycle of doing and create wealth through BE-ing
  • You're already making good money but you're feeling the nudge to go in a new direction... a higher level... a greater expansion!

This is not for you if:

  • you're resistant to doing energy work or sacred practices ("been there, done that" attitude)
  • you're in a constant fear state about money (it's never enough!!)
  • you're looking for a savior/co-dependent coach

The Investment...

When I tapped into my voice, that's when my business grew rapidly. When I gave myself the freedom to do business how I wanted, I quadrupled my income.

I made the decision from where I wanted to be instead of where I was.

As you're tuning into this container, connect with how you want to feel in 2023.

Do you want to bust open to the possibilities that YOU KNOW are begging to be released...


The energy exchange is:

$33K x 1 or $5,888 x 6 

The extended payment plan expires 8/30...

$3,925 x 9



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