The 6-month activation for healers to hit 6 fig's in 2024 using energetics, mindset + belief upgrades + updates

Gifted Woman,

I was put on this earth to help guide you into the fullest expression of your voice.

Instead of the, "swallow your truth + cross your legs" woman they conditioned us to be...

Untapped 2024 opens up a portal of authenticity and truth syrup... in a way that magnetizes your soulmate clients... instead of asking, "how do I get more clients?' The question becomes... "how do I become more attractive?"

It’s time to alchemize that shadow, baby. 

Because when you do drop the Mask…insane magic happens!

These Untapped Women Are Living Proof!

Meet a few of our Untapped Graduates

Anna had a PHD and more certifications than would fit on your wall but knew that something was Untapped within her.

She was looking for a way to unleash all the magic she was hiding and finally feels safe and free to be fully expressed and well paid for being who she is! She also authored and published two books and was asked to speak on major stages in just 6 months!


Lauren is a gifted photographer and empath who wanted to bring more of her spiritual self into her business and create something that felt more aligned.

 She went from behind the camera to feeling confident to getting in front of the camera to be the face of her brand.

Once she gave herself permission to bring her authenticity into her work, she landed an NFL contract to photograph a professional team.


Aaron went from being an incredible massage therapist who undervalued her 20 year expertise and felt like there was more in her business she could offer.

After she became Untapped, she doubled her massage prices and began adding her singing bowl services.

As a result she got booked for private retreats and sold out events for her sound bowls. She’s loving her business more than ever and finally hitting her income goals!


It's Masks Off Season. Are you ready?


If you’re an entrepreneur who has spiritual gifts and know you're really freakin' good at what you do...

But find yourself filtering down your message to please an audience that no longer fits and find it hard to be…

Authentically you...

Keep reading.


When women first come into Untapped, they’re often:

  • Afraid to say what they're really thinking, scared what their family is gonna think when they find out they like talking about portals, angels and "what exists beyond the veil?"
  • Hiding behind certifications or a niche that isn't representing who they are today 
  • Uploading the same reels with trending audio but knowing it's not doing anything because they're brand is unique AF!
  • Afraid to fully bring their spirituality into the forefront of their business (secretly feeling they might get in trouble or be exposed or shamed)
  • Telling an old story that keeps them thinking about what they should do instead of just doing it...

But the truth is...

Each woman has a voice that has the power to bring her millions of that dolla dolla bill currency.

She might be worried about her marriage crumbling or her kids thinking she's lost it. She thinks that if she showed up as her FULL self, she'd lose people and she's not so sure she's ready to embody the person she knows is just a step away.

Untapped was created to provide a journey of developing safety and trust in your gifts and your ability to express those in the world with confidence and certainty.

AKA... the embodiment of the Wild Woman.


Imagine this with me...

You show up to your sold out retreat with women who WANT to be there, who NEED to be there because of the message you so naturally share online.

You're a natural magnet and don't have to post and ghost, hoping someone will message you.

The ideas you have for your offers are the most next level and so you! FINALLY! You're messaging is on POINT. Everything is in a flow state... your energy... your biz and your abundance, baby! 

This - and so much more - is possible for you inside Untapped


Inside Untapped, you'll...

  • Reach into your soul and write copy needed for your soulmate client to fully understand how you can help them 
  • Hear yourself speak unfiltered from your higher self 
  • Lead any retreat, mastermind, or workshop with the all-knowing that you've got the medicine to deliver!
  • Magnetize everywhere you go - without shrinking or getting sucked dry by energy vampires
  • Have the deepest level of trust within yourself and take action instantly
  • Activate the wild woman who colors outside the lines and doesn't give a f*ck about what the industry says to do... you make your own rules
  • Stop the looping that keeps you in the same place, making the same money, having the same desires for years... you'll finally create new thought loops that will have you creating offers that are FUN and fully from your innate gifts!

Hey - I'm J

I had this untapped gift that was being blocked because I didn't trust myself to go bigger than ever before. 

This led me to a dark night of the soul. An all-consuming space of anxiety, fear, and thoughts of “What am I doing?”, “Why am I here?”. 

It was then I realized that your mind can save you or f*ck you, and I chose to save myself.  

To start fully trusting myself, co-creating with source and finally lean into the 5th dimension... 

I was doing exorcisms at retreats, naturally and never spoke about them. They just happened.

I was hearing frequencies and messages from a collective higher power and didn't think twice... 

With embracing my Wild Woman, Fully Unleashing my Gifts and Fully Expressing them to the World, I created my biggest cash year EVER–

A business that is truly built on my innate gifts.


This is what I show you how to do inside Untapped

With full certainty in yourself and your gifts, you’ll face the parts of your mind holding you back, and uncover your abundance reservoir. CHA-CHING!

Trust me, over the last decade I have carefully fine-tuned this process into an simple and elegant process that transforms lives every single time.


The Untapped Methodology...

  • Desire mapping

    • You’ll discover your wants and your desires and how to intentionally create them from your energy, skills and thoughts so you can stop creating from what you don’t want and start creating from a place that feels like fresh, new sustainable fuel
  • Healing The Little Girl

    • Regardless of the amount of inner child healing work you’ve already done, there’s deeper layers to the “little girl” wounding that work their way into your success. During this process, we’ll create satisfaction so she doesn’t keep interfering the moment your momentum takes off! This is where self sabotaging, comparison syndrome and self doubt finally take a seat on the bench and cheer as you hit a grand slam.
  • Thought Reprogramming

    • Clear repetitive thought loops that keep you in the same position as last year, so you can stop putting the same images on your vision board and actually experience them in this lifetime. I’ll show you how to identify repeating patterns, so you can finally feel free to experience the joy and abundance that’s been yours all along!
  • Upgrade your Vibrational Frequency

    • Go from people pleasing, nice girl who follows trends to badass gangsta wealthy woman so you can finally set those boundaries and step into your full-fledged power!
  • Launch Your Authentic Offers

    • Instead of following the gurus in your "niche," you'll find your own voice that naturally unlocks the way you market your message! We've had people go from not posting once in 4 years with vanilla copy to untapping a reservoir of content that gets ton of engagement (+ lots of sales).
  • Activate Abundant OverFlow

    • Develop a solid, impenetrable shield of strength and skill that attract "opportunities out of nowhere." You'll get asked to collaborate and speak at events/retreats and conferences with your refined skills and unique spiritual gifts. We've had people publish multiple books in just 6 months! You'll go from stagnant, "is this what I should be doing?" to action taking "this is what I'm doing...", so you don't have to wait for things to happen.


This is the exact process I’ve taught my clients to go from watered down messaging to "wow, who is she?!"

Untapped has your name on it, if you're:

  • Spiritual as f*ck and want the energetics + mindset techniques to manifest faster
  • Coasting, instead of reaching that next level of being seen, paid and heard!
  • Feel like you should be further along with the time and effort you've already put in
  • Want to take action instead of wait on ideas to "fully land" before launching
  • Are obsessed with manifestation, spiritual and energy work being the pillars of your divine feminine business model
  • Are already making good money and want to see that increase!

Here's what you'll get during Untapped:

  • Twice A Month Small Group Activations (12 total) $24K VALUE
  • The Wealth Collective $750 VALUE
  • Untapped Welcome Gift $250 VALUE
  • Group Voxer Support $6K VALUE

Your Bonuses...

  • $1,000 Savings for the 5-Day Wild Woman Retreat in Greece!
  • The Energy Rich Membership $5K VALUE!

Total Value More Than $37K


Registration is now closed.

Powerful Woman,


This 6-Month Activation is intense, transformative and inspiring. When you see where you were in January to who you become in June, you won't even recognize who first showed up...

How do I know?

I've witnessed the transformation in hundreds of women for several years now.

Watching women go from sidelines to mic holder is why I do what I do. You have this untapped reservoir of gifts that want to be unburied and only you hold the key to the lock...

You'll feel in your soul if 2024 is the year you become Untapped...


J Muenz