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The 12-week reprogramming we'll do together trains the mind to create new neural pathways, to ease feelings of stress and pressure from the body so... your cells heal, while making room for money to stack in your bank account

So you want to stack money in your bank account, but you keep attracting the same number in bills.

You know you can make a f*ck ton more money, but you feel blocked from it.

You’ve felt a pull inside of you, that you’re meant to play bigger, but you don’t know how to get there.

You know why? Because something needs to change, and it isn’t your business strategy. 

It's time to reprogram your mind and unlock abundance

september 18th to december 4th 2023


Imagine this with me...

You wake up with a deep knowing that abundance flows to you every single day.  Your offers are exciting, juicy, and you feel in your bones that your ideal clients want to experience your magic. And they keep signing up for your programs!

Payments flow into your bank account, and you know on a cellular level that money does NOT run out. If you want it - it's there for you and it's continually growing!

This - and so much more - is possible for you inside Worthy of Wealth

Inside Worthy of Wealth, you'll...

  • Retrain your brain to expect abundance (instead of wanting/desiring it)
  • Dissolve wealth, wound and worry blocks to experience the money that exists around you now - not just in your dreams or on your vision board
  • Get out of your head and into your body to let go of perfectionism and take more intuitive action
  • See clearly what your relationship with wealth can be, how you can play bigger, and create an unshakeable belief that you can have it all (+ then some)

Hey - I'm J.

It was 2012 and I had just found success as a health coach when I felt the nudge to shift my business and focus on what raised my vibration: activating gifts. I knew that I was meant to be doing something even bigger…and yet, I resisted. 

I had this untapped gift that was being blocked because I didn't trust myself to go bigger than ever before. 

This led me to a dark night of the soul. An all-consuming space of anxiety, fear, and thoughts of “What am I doing?”, “Why am I here?”. 

It was then I realized that your mind can save you or fuck you, and I chose to save myself. To start fully trusting myself, co-creating with source and finally lean into the 5th dimension.

This is what I guide you to do inside Worthy of Wealth.

You’ll face the parts of your mind holding you back, uncover your blocks to wealth, and learn to develop solid trust around the feelings of wealth
(Did I mention you’ll make bank too?)


Stop sitting with your desires - Let’s make them a reality and get you paid.

This is for you if you:

  • Are a successful woman on paper and you want more...
  • Know on a deep level you're meant to be way more abundant than what's in your bank account
  • Feel like you should be further along with the time and effort you've already put in
  • Want to take action instead of wait on ideas to "fully land" before launching
  • Want to learn specific techniques that apply to your style of manifesting
  • Are already making good money and want to see that increase

Here's what you'll get during Worthy of Wealth:

  • 12 Group Abundance Reprogrammings
  • 5 Wealth Consciousness Meditations
  • Group Voxer Coaching 

Enroll before July 15th for the $1K bonus!

  • 1 x 60 minute private coaching call (only 7 left!)

Payment Plan

3 X $1,111


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