Watch and listen to baby entrepreneur J (from 7 years ago!) who was excited, nervous and semi-confident to deliver this training to you…

As my business grows, I’ve noticed a change in my voice, in the way I speak, in the way I ask questions.

I’ve grown in my vocal attunement in the last decade and I’m teaching you how to do the same…

When your voice strengthens, opportunities are abundant!

When we’re working together, I am so tuned into your voice, the way your face moves and how your tone moves up and down.

I have an ear for frequency.

Your voice gives me goosebumps when speaking.

The way you speak about your offers is VITAL to the success of who presses PURCHASE vs. who gives you a like or an “I love this!”

If your voice is a weak spot… aka clearing your throat or not having energy that lasts longer than a 15 second instagram story then join us in the…

🎉✨💃🏽Queen of Certainty💃🏽✨🎉 (use savings code: 1111)

We’re only in week 2 and you’ll join us LIVE today in the zoom room where you’ll ask specific questions about…

  • How to train your voice to mirror the certainty you feel in your body
  • How to fine tune your frequency so ppl know you have the solution
  • How to speak with authority (you the one!)

Get the deets here

To Your Gifts,

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